The World’s Fastest Car!

The World’s Fastest Car!


This is the SSC Tuatara. This car could be the first in the world to break the 300mph record for a street legal production vehicle. This will be attempted in the coming few months. Either way, they want to take back the title for World’s Fastest Car from Koenigsegg who currently hold the title with the Agera RS. To their credit, they have already once achieved the Guinness World Record in 2007 with the previous model, called the Ultimate Aero!Follow me on:

what’s up guys supercar blondie here in california and behind me i have a very very special car that i wanna take you through this is the tuatara from SSC it’s actually a North American manufacturer and with this car one of their goals is to beat the world speed record now you might go up everyone says that everyone wants to do that the thing is guys the model before this the ultimate arrow did beat the world speed record and that was at 414 kilometres an hour then it was taken by Bugatti and it was taken by Koenigsegg so they want to take that world record back from Koenigsegg within a couple of months time so that’s what they’re on track to do subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet this is where you get to see the coolest cars in the world and I’m crying because it’s so cool so let’s see how we go this car is super impressive I’ll tell you about its weight to horsepower ratio that’s a big thing in the industry right this weighs thirteen hundred and forty seven kilos but it has thirteen hundred and fifty horsepower so that’s more horsepower than the weight of the car which is just insane like you think about a Koenigsegg one to one right when that came out everyone was like what hang on sorry say what it has for every kilo it has one horsepower that’s crazy they have more horsepower to every kilo and the other thing is if you run it on e85 the special fuel which you can get actually just at the pump in a lot of places in America then it actually goes up to seventeen hundred and fifty horsepower this car right here seventeen hundred and fifty horsepower and it weighs thirteen hundred and fifty kilos so that’s kind of crazy so these guys say they’ve got what it takes to beat the world speed record we’re gonna speak to the owner Jared a little bit later on he’s gonna take us around the car it’s called the tuatara and that is actually named after a lizard in New Zealand I’m from Australia I’ve actually never been to New Zealand so I’m not familiar with this lizard but apparently it has the fastest evolving DNA there’s a story behind that because the journey they’ve been on from the very first hypercar they made to this one has been huge it’s been a significant leap so it means something to them and that’s why they’ve named this car tortora the first one the ultimate arrow that beat the world speed record a number of years ago I was like their first ever hyper car they built and this is the second one and you can just imagine what a feat that is imagine waking off and going I’m gonna build a hypercar how do I start there’s actually just a little button here so you just press that you hear the latch opening inside and then this isn’t actually how it’s going to operate on the model once it’s out this will just automatically open but for now there’s just a little lever here pull the door so there is actually a custom car already out and it has all of those functioning features first time for me getting into this car okay oh well my special gold pants just so I’d feel fancy enough to get in here this is just a rear view mirror when it’s static like this but then if you press this button here the left mirror will come up and the camera is just here at the the door that’s the camera and then if you press the middle one this is actually the reverse hello this is actually the reverse camera so there is a reverse camera and then you can press this one and it’ll pick up what’s on the right of you so you can either either use this as like a standard mirror to look back or you can put on all three of these cameras and see what’s happening around you which is kind of cool and then here everything is controlled from this touch screen so there are no buttons like literally no buttons if you look around here there’s nothing even to open and close the windows you use this here oh that’s already closed here we go bosses that even this entertainment system here is all in-house made it’s about a team of 25 guys and can you just imagine making everything like this from scratch they’ve come up with all of this technology this engine has been created in partnership with nelson’s racing engines it’s a v8 twin-turbo but they’ve actually developed a special turbo so there’s no lag that’s something that a lot of people don’t like about turbo engines is you get that you have to wait until the power kicks in and it could take you know a good second before that actually happens and that can be quite annoying if you’re in a fast car all right so in the brake [Laughter] I don’t we just woke up the neighbors it’s super early by the way all right we’re gonna call the owner oh gosh Jared Jared Jared hello I love how they just appear from around the corner like magic great nice to have you uh well nice to have you here it’s your car I’m here nice to meet you thanks for having me I just wanted to know from you why you decided to build a hypercar it’s always been my dream really yeah grew up racing go-karts on the national level as a child okay and so it was always my dream to design and build my own car from this graphic and how does it make you feel now that you’ve done it that’s amazingly rewarding you know weekend’s like this where we get to feed back into reaction yeah potential clients and people that get to see the car for the first time it’s it’s amazing and so you guys are only making up to a hundred of these that’s correct that’s it and so if I were to order one today how long does it take to actually make it and have it to me it’s a four-month build cycle haha but we’re booked out halfway through 2020 now so for the next open slot congratulations the price is 1.6 million dollars and that’s like the entry-level price right mom do you get any tires with that or is that you get the whole car yeah yeah okay that’s good just checking and then on top of that you can get the extra options which will take you you know up to you know 1.7 1.8 it’s correct what can you actually get extra oh there’s actually a 20 page book of options for the 20 pages everything from different color schemes of the interior I can expose carbon fiber body nice to hide downforce kids with static larger wings they’re just taking a look at some of the design features in the body so you guys a so this is all functional I mean yes the whole patterns over the nose of the body and the rear of the body are all functional as the heat from the engine bay exits these holes it speeds the air up that passes over the body and this body actually has a coefficient of drag 0.279 which is the lowest of any hyper car yeah that in combination with our 1750 horsepower it gives us great confidence that we we will exceed 300 miles per hour yeah I can see the confidence I can see it it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen this area here actually keeps the air finally hatched to the body as it runs down this tunnel and then it accelerates as it passes over these pipes and the do these wings move it a little eh it just smokes nicer these are static again once again this keeps you stable at high speeds in my straight line right right oh very cool and then to go over a speed bump or loaded in the trailer we yeah raise the nose which is nice it’s it boss are we ready let’s go let’s go let’s see how this baby runs feel like you don’t even need to go out at birth easy to drive actually really happy there’s a lot of people that think 17 be really hard to drive it’s actually very docile see that’s the thing like some cars and that’s important too you know to be able to take it around so I have a trip like this down to Monterey and back just cruise around through the streets and but then at the same time take it on the track and then beat a world speed record and to do both those things in a car is quite special notice how well the clutch engages very smooth yeah we spent a lot of time on the daily drivability of its right and making it to where anybody can drive this car at first when you guys beat the world speed record did a lot of people think okay well these cars probably only good to go in a straight line is that all that was challenging everybody thought oh this cars amazingly fast in a straight line right it’s pretty hard it’s like a race car you would be able to drive it and we have made this to where it’s very easy to valet park yeah you know daily drivability vample raise the nose I’m just looking at like the feasibility as well like you can see something you can actually just dry yeah and whether you’re on the city streets are on a track you’ll notice this opened a pillar area really gives you a lot of nice visibility yeah ya know it’s actually really good I’m just waiting I’m like oh my god when’s he gonna happen all right ready what how many different sounds just like there is that massive pop and then you hear the turbos oh my god that was crazy oh well what an experience it’s all about the internet jeez yeah so it’s got that real like that kind of backfire pop and then you hear the dumb there of the turbos and it all kind of happened simultaneously it’s just so much going on oh it is so great I’ve never been in a car that sounds you guys have really got like a unique sound for some customers it it’s an option but you can the flame option so at night time you get quite a flame at the exhaust the flame option haha that is awesome is that actually what it’s called the flame option is the flame on a wave we’ve got a couple people that have already expect that out alright guys hope you like looking around the new tuatara give the video a quick thumbs up for us make sure to let your friends know about the video because this is a car you’re not going to see very many places there’s only one out on the roads at the moment with a customer and this car and with this car you guys are actually going to be looking to break the world speed record right so this is going to be everywhere in the next few months watch out for it I wish you best of luck I really hope it all comes together for you it’s not if it’s when right there you know right here if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet you’re missing out press the subscribe button because we’ve got so many cool cars coming your way right we’re out Thank You Jared bye bye guys

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