The world’s fastest electric wik!

The world’s fastest electric wik!


Voxan electric motorcycle broke 21 speed records at once. It was driven by the famous motorcycle racer Max Biaggi.

Set a new world speed record for electric motorcycles weighing up to 300 kg. The Voxan Wattman sports bike accelerated to 455.737 km / h and significantly surpassed its own last year’s achievement of 408 km / h. The site Autoevolution writes about this.

The electric bike was driven by the six-time world champion in motorcycle racing Max Biaggi. The record was set on the runway of the Kennedy Center airfield in Florida (this is where the Space Shuttle spaceships landed).

Voxan Wattman made two races in different directions with a break of half an hour, as required by the rules. The record was the average result of two attempts.

In addition, Max Biaggi accelerated the sportbike to 369.626 km / h with the fairing removed – this achievement was also recorded. In total, Voxan has already broken 21 world records.

Voxan Wattman electric bike was developed by the French company Venturi. It is powered by the engine from the Formula E car Mercedes EQ, the power of which is equal to 429 hp. sec., and the maximum torque is 1000 N? m. For a motorcycle weighing less than 300 kg, this is more than enough.

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