The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster!

The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster!


I took my mates to ride the fastest roller coaster in the world!This video has been sponsored by Ferrari World Abu DhabiFind that #FerrariFeeling #FerrariWorldADCheck out my friends on:@[email protected] me on:

my car for the day what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie here in Dubai we’ve got an exciting day planned today I’m gonna go pick up two of my mates we’re going to go down to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi it’s like an hour drive away from here in Dubai instead of picking up a couple of mates who love rollercoasters I’m gonna do the exact opposite I’ve got two mates who are deathly scared we’re gonna do some challenges today and the loos are out of them is going to join me on the world’s fastest roller coaster let’s go picking up mate number one I think out of the two of them he’s the most deathly scared you’re taking me to right I know it’s not your thing is that no I hate right we’ve got some challenges it’s you and another friend of mine who doesn’t like roller coasters either and whoever loses has to go on the world’s fastest roller coaster this is the Lisa everyone say hello Wow Maya Therese nice to see you Melissa saying cool this is better than I be epic and so challenges today whoever loses has to go on the world’s fastest roller coaster with me great well I know about your driving as this will probably be worse than all the rights because she’s too fast so I’ll just get you prepared oh you’re welcome I’ve introduced a Lisa she’s not becoming youtuber in 2025 okay alright 2026 watch out for and armoured is the face of gaming in the Middle East not only super famous for gaming he’s been the voice on movies like Marvel movies Disney movies Angry Birds Angry Birds so what were you angry Thank You Birds I was Alex the whole movie starts with me just like hot eating a bird no no and that’s why you bring a laser at all news imagine a cellphone or all of us right now I want the expression on your face that you would have actually on roller coaster right so at least I will start with Jungian speed art you’re telling me your reaction at its closest to the peon right so growth if you get against and whoever gets closest to the actual answer is the winner greater okay so how fast is this car go zero to 100 kilometres an hour in four and a half four and a half seconds Elise on one circuit this actually I was going to say not point to but that’s this is what hurt no say no wait I’m gonna say in six six seconds you’re one step closer to going on the roster with me you in a bird this cargo zero to one hundred and three tweet three people maybe Hawkins Ferrari weld lift oh yeah valet parking other theme park done that is awesome all right we’re here in Abu Dhabi all right you guys ready yeah let’s do it let’s do the next challenge is go-karting okay okay don’t get done with that I first came here when it opened and they’ve got so many more rides now what about that one I love it [Laughter] this challenge is go karting right whoever loses this is one step closer to getting on the world’s fastest roller coaster with me terrible great how are you at go-karting Oh think I’m good oh good oh great you have no chance great fight I’m feeling you gonna be a nervous on the whole I’m just here to have fun Oh awesome group it’s unlike any other track because so slippery you can constantly like kind of drift around the corner so you’re agreeing on it no you were really actually you you already smashed me like twice yeah but that’s why you didn’t you heard your Nolan so Knicks number one I’m number two Elise is number three and your last so how do you feel about being one step closer at taking the fastest roller coaster that’s seriously one more challenge whoever wins the next challenge is safe finally ona finally what they came for the food final round this I just found out this is the same chef in the actual Maranello Factory in Italy same restaurant same so you get like the Ferrari experience here’s the challenge Foster’s brand enough you want to cheers first three two one go [Laughter] he’s nearly dead but he’s safe from the roller-coaster unleased art you have that’s it this is it it’s decided I’m so sorry to do this this is really nerve-racking like I can’t even wear earrings you gotta take your earrings just a big ones remember to put your head against a new dress yeah otherwise you’ll get whiplash all right mate guys you lucked out you guys gonna enjoy it I’ve lied here I want to come um it’s gonna go back to the food court so do you need goggles in case the flies like literally it’s very fast so any loose items debris in the air safety never had to put goggles on before I roll okay that’s good right brilliant thanks thanks very much there’s gonna be good look I feel I’m already a hard time why you last worked right mum I love you thanks so much for letting me live with you for 18 years love you oh and my dog please look after my dog daycares expensive so just someone adults you ready guys how do you feel it guys you look good you look good at it you look good do you know what that’s it that’s it that’s how experienced a Ferrari world here in Abu Dhabi give us a quick thumbs up subscribe to the supercar blondie family massive thank you to you I heard thank you for coming and going on let’s go viral all that food like all that pizza oh my god the only reason all right food done I think you went on like the slowest ride at Ferrari well Wow well welcome and you were out we know slash loser how was it actually it was great like I can no say I’ve been on the fastest roller coaster in the world which is cool hi guys I hope you liked the video I want we’re out love your like favorite subscribe everything so line

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