The World’s First Hermes Edition Pagani!

The World’s First Hermes Edition Pagani!


This is the world’s first Hermes Edition Pagani Huayra. This car has $1 million worth of extra options and took 1.5 years to build. It took special permission from both brands to be able to make this piece of art. Special thanks to @mannykhoshbin for letting me film and drive this beauty.Follow me on:Music by:80’s Cheese Infomercial – Scott Dugdale

this is like an Hermes bag on wheels it costs an extra eight hundred thousand dollars just to get the extra Emma’s leather detailing in this car what’s up guys at supercar blondie thank you very much for joining me wherever you’re watching from around the world love you guys so so much if you haven’t yet subscribed but this is the channel where you get to see the craziest cars so hit the subscribe button right now like the video it was not so much more to show you right let’s get to it come on I’m going to put the key this is the car key I’m gonna put this on the seat for the moment so you just do undo this little buckle and then this red toggle here now check out what’s in here this you won’t see on any other Pagani in the world this here is a custom Hermes back you know Hermes right it’s like one of the most luxurious labels in the world some of their bags the Birkins for example if you get a Birkin you could be on a waiting list for years to get one of those bags about $12,000 this bag here costs $60,000 just this one bag in this beginning now the reason why there is this bag in here is because this is one of one Pagani Huayra MS Edition the owner is Manny Manny Kaufman and what he did is he teamed up with Pagani bought this car and then said I don’t want just like a Pagani Huayra I want to completely decked this car out in a mess you look how these these shines like nothing else in the sunlight this chocolaty goodness here is another two Hermes bags in this little cover and behind the driver’s seat as well this whole interior is done by Hermes you buy a Pagani Huayra it costs standard two and a half million dollars then you get extra this extra that from Pagani itself which I’ll show you in a second but then to team up with a whole other brand to deck out your car is almost impossible so Manny went down to his like local Hermes store imagine you know you just go down to the local mall you’re walking and you say hey so I’ve just bought a Pagani can you guys like you know take it out for me they’re like sorry we’ve never done that before in order to convince them to do this he actually had to fly over the MS designers he flew over three designers to the factory this here is usually in like a kind of a mesh now on this one you will notice here is an H for M is so this is totally has been totally redesigned for money and his special Hermes Edition it’s here on the front as well all of these little H’s everywhere so just to get your hands on one of these cars is super super exclusive you need to have a personal relationship with horacio pagani with the maker and the owner of Pagani so just to get your hands on one is crazy and then to be able to convince one of the largest most luxurious brands in the world Hermes to work with you and create a one-off Pagani is kind of out of this world besides the whole Hermes thing which is incredible on its own this car has a tempesta package that’s something that you can opt into when you buy a Pagani Huayra and I’m going to show you what that includes right here this front splitter here the wheels are also bigger so you’ve got a one inch bigger here on the front and here on the back you’ve got instead of the standard 20-inch you’ve got twenty one inch tires here on the back you also get this cool rear diffuser this one here this is the v12 twin turbo from AMG it’s a 6 liter v12 twin turbo and it produces over 700 horsepower an aside and then here he is actually signed at himself everything you look at here all of this leather is handmade in Paris at herm├Ęs and what they had to do was for example here on the door all of these latches these vouchers from Pagani they had to send them to the factory in Paris so that they could fit all of the leather around the the body of the car and then send it back to the began a factory so that everything could come together just the sheer scale of logistics in something like this is unbelievable it even has Hermes Paris on the gear lever and here you have the official plaque Pagani Huayra if you’ve never seen a Pagani key before is the coolest thing ever it looks like the car some people would say gimmicky I would say pretty cool because why not and then if you just take off the front of the car that is what the key looks like kind of like a little USB stick and then you should slot that in here the car initially lights up and we’ll get money over here and then we’ll turn our on about that this is like an Hermes bag on wheels it costs an extra eight hundred thousand dollars just to get the extra Emma’s leather detailing in this car money I was so excited this is money everyone money Cosmin my pleasure I’m sure you know of him already if you don’t just check him out here is handles on the screen and this is one of his beauties how did you choose this color because this is like this is like chocolate fondue like like a fountain where you shove the bellows in liquid liquid chocolate yeah so this actually was chosen by Hermes I wanted originally exposed carbon fiber like my other my Bugatti of exposed carbon fiber yeah with gold and I wanted this carbon fiber with orange yeah so similar to that bag you know compartment there yeah but hermes says no if we’re gonna put our name on it we want to call the color and we’re known for brown originally when hundred years ago they start making leather for horse saddle yeah it was that leather this is just crazy you guys because like if you’re putting in millions and millions of dollars into buying a car right you’d think that you have the control over where I don’t there’s a soaring kid he’s on this car for what three years yeah he is and he’s judged on this compartment after three years how does the name is version sandwich in here like I forget I mean it is French the brand so you can just carry around a baguette with you everywhere you go are you kidding me what number bag is this now this is I don’t know nine Emmys bags okay I don’t know Oh same oh no its hazard hazard thank you Amani is the first man in the world to have more Hermes bags and his wife I guess so I damn he lucky the question is Manny yes can we please go for Drive absolutely I’d really get to drive my car so when I get out pretty to drive it oh my god actually you drive it Dolly’s crazy the first time would it be in the passenger’s swatch that’s a mad white white it has no one else driven this car I don’t believe so no no one that comes to my mind it only has 100 miles on it so it hasn’t been driven much in three years that’s crazy there we go when you buy a car like this you need to also get an assistant just to close the doors for you pretty much yeah does the assistant come with the car or junior practice jumping because you have to jump up to grab that latch but don’t worry I’m a gentleman you really do have to job to get these doors there’s no easy way around it see all of these lights go on all right and then it’s as the wings here and if you go around the front you’re gonna see all the little front wings playing and pretty cool get up like it’s a really deep kind of thunderous yeah that’s like Kenya make sauce he has a tempest no package so it comes with a hidden special exhaust that I love it out yeah you’ve seen every crazy around there was her like one pardon you could pay today so if I had enough I would get exactly what you sold the Agera R Oh snow moves my favorite car my absolute favorite car to drive clovis are you driven yeah I absolutely loved it I don’t feel bad so yeah no it was gorgeous my Phoenix was like 24 karat gold oh my god thanks you money anything oh it’s my pleasure thing me and having us here in your garage this is really special guys super special access to be able to take out this you know multi multi-million dollar one of one Pagani give us a quick thumbs up for the video like the channel and also check out Manny’s channel of course and we’re gonna see you on the next vid so where else in the world I think for now around you know yes somewhere else alright guys love you bye

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