The world’s first hydrogen-powered trucks went to the customer

The world’s first hydrogen-powered trucks went to the customer


Hyundai Motor company was sent to Switzerland first 10 hydrogen electrogrooving XCIENT. This is the first ever production of heavy electric car powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

It is reported by the CTS with reference to Hev Cars.

This year, the South Korean company plans to ship to Switzerland a total of 50 trucks fuel cell XCIENT. In addition, Hyundai plans to produce 1600 truck XCIENT fuel cell by 2025.

It is noted that the Hyundai XCIENT truck is equipped with Fuel Cell system hydrogen fuel cell with a capacity of 190 kW with dual-stack fuel cell with a capacity of 95 kW. Seven large tanks provide hydrogen storage capacity of about 32 kg of hydrogen gas at 350 bar. Motor power 350 kW with a torque of 3400 N/m Siemens receives power from the battery with a capacity of 73.2 kWh.

“Hydrogen electric truck XCIENT is a contemporary reality and not just a futuristic project on the drawing Board. Its release on the road marks a significant milestone in the history of commercial vehicles and development of hydrogen society,” said Executive Vice President and head of commercial vehicles of Hyundai Motor In Chol Lee.

It is reported that the cruising range of the hydrogen truck Hyundai XCIENT is about 400 km on one tank. Such characteristics have been developed to find the optimal balance between the requirements of potential customers, commercial fleet and charging infrastructure in Switzerland. Filling each truck takes about 8-20 minutes.

In addition to the hydrogen truck fuel cell XCIENT, Hyundai Motor is developing a tractor for long-distance travel, able to cover 1000 miles without podzapravki. It will be equipped with advanced fuel cell system with high durability and power, designed for global markets, including North America and Europe.

One of the reasons why Hyundai has chosen Switzerland as a starting point for your hydrogen business is the use of extremely pure hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources. To really reduce carbon emissions, all-electric trucks should only work on “green” hydrogen. Switzerland is the country with the most developed hydropower and therefore, it can supply enough green energy for hydrogen production. Another reason – the Swiss LSVA road tax on a commercial vehicle, which does not apply to trucks with zero emissions.

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