The World’s First Supercar SUV!

The World’s First Supercar SUV!


This is the first modern Supercar SUV Lamborghini produced, the Urus and it’s fast! I’m taking this car to the capital of Switzerland, Bern. I also spoke to the CEO of Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali to get his thoughts on the new Urus.Thank you to Lamborghini Zurich – Follow me on:

what’s up guys Supercop Lundy and I am testing out the very first horas in Switzerland in the mountains so it’s likely this little farm town huh ooh the cows I think you made it please subscribe to my channel right now boom yeah you’ve ran for that I ran just so that we could get a Lamborghini today it’s always the same in here I’m always running to the Train because I never I’m not used to catching here there it is I’m getting the Auris here in Zurich this is very exciting and you’ve actually got me what they’ll offer letter now okay guys Supercop Lundy already put down 10% right I gave you the cash you saw that right yeah okay good all right well let’s go so this one has almost all full options so standard price or minimum price for a Norris about 200,000 Swiss francs $37 237,000 attacks hope you don’t like tax no let’s go back to Dubai yeah it’s close I think well this is all the options you can get on a Lamborghini Oris look at this I mean you’re basically buying a car these are this all of this costs two hundred and thirty seven thousand here’s a list of all the colors that you can get either shiny black titanium matte will show you on the car where these are but this is right at the front and the car that we have has this design so that’s pretty cool and then all of all the seat belt colors as well that’s pretty cool ah the stitching over the top Wow look at that oh that’s really cool so you can just match the stitching on to the color you want so you know whether or not it goes that’s really good that one with the blue yeah that’s nice before we do anything this is really important I’m gonna sit in the back of a Lamborghini for the very first time all right because you’ve never been able to sit in the back this is really weird the first time ever in the back of the Lamborghini and look at these screens my god understand your nerves you know these are not standard cause y’all a tourist so that’s it chick sat in the back of a Lamborghini this is the moment do it thank you so much this is the orders key all right in my fault little hands thank you guys so so I will see you in a few days yeah it’s a Lamborghini so Monica Foster at the moment right so these are the three modes you usually get in a Lamborghini Estrada support and Corsa and in the Boris you’ve got three off-road settings as well so Serbia is sad and then Navis snow right yeah and then terror is like earth yeah to me that looks like earth but weren’t there we’re gonna go look at this literally means it’s a private road here and if you enter it’s on your own at your own risk at your own risk if you enter you might think well yeah it’s an SUV right so of course it can get on here but it’d be safe to say that you would never take any other Lamborghini on this road so this is the first time you can actually take a Lamborghini on a road like this like a super steep field where usually cows just eat see how’s that going oh my way it detected someone in front of the car yeah it slammed on the brakes yeah cuz it’s got radar yeah and see there it shows posted agree agree yeah yeah angle so seven degrees well right now but before you were like fifty degrees 70 degrees 70 degree definitely you’d have to see the view in my in my side mirror this is ridiculous this is the new 3d mode in the worst is the car and there’s a giant cow look at it look at it it’s massive look it’s a giant cow oh my goodness that cow could eat this Lamborghini look at that that’s awesome but look at this 3d camera that is crazy good I love how high definition of these cameras are so all these screens like this is very impressive look at what high-definition this is all of these cameras front camera that’s pretty cool how’s that off-roading going this feels so wrong it really does like I’m in a Lamborghini I’m driving through a forest so this is a v8 biturbo with 650 horsepower and it’s the first Lamborghini with turbos which is quite interesting every other Lamborghini so far has been naturally aspirated what I love about the Auris is all the new tech all these different features right you get with it so we’re gonna start at the back now if you’re out in the desert because it has a desert mode and someone else is stuck in the sand look at this this is cool there we go you can be towed by Lamborghini that’d be an experience now if you want to put stuff in the back it’s gonna make it a lot easier if the car is lower to the ground it’s so easily put bags and luggage in the back now totally and then you don’t have to put it off again manually just as you drive off it will automatically go up there’s so much here to show you honestly I’m so impressed with all the tech so just turn it on start/stop button yes now you can obviously you put it in you can put it in Corsa if you want some sound open up the exhaust here an immediate difference so this is strata this is sport this is cool so cool this is all touchscreen and they’ve kind of made it like an iPhone in that when you press it it makes the click noise so it feels like you’re pressing an actual button you hear that this is super easy to use as well you can just either use your fingers up and down for the temperature or click up and down it’s all very very well laid out in my opinion I think it’s really easy to use what I love is finally a car has or a supercar let’s put it that way has an inbuilt wireless charging system for your phone uh finally right so it’s here you just pop your phone here who has a phone that students so we’ll just pop that here they will say your mobile is charging and every supercar should have that feature I love it the key finally has somewhere to go it has a place in the car here is the key slot which seems like a stupid little thing but honestly is super super handy because then you always know where the key is temperate or vaisya temperate to other English net Vietnam oxen crowd busy – no I’m I didn’t William arson Grodd if I don’t see a body temperature of Arts in God we do it this way and then we do search these turns into a screen where you can actually write so where do we want to go let’s go to burn and burn mr. Weiner Stefano the CEO of Lamborghini earlier this year and he was taking me through the Auris and he was talking about how they’re looking to bring in a new crowd of people for this car buyers we are we see Morris right behind me but you won’t believe who else I’m here with the CEO of Lamborghini I think it’s such a pleasure up you told me yesterday that this is actually going to be your new baby is that right that’s absolutely true and I think it’s a beautiful baby because he said this car didn’t sold smooth right so this is actually something you would like to take on the track I have a question for you about the SUV a lot of people don’t really understand the direction that you are taking so to those people who don’t really understand what would you like them to know very simple first of all this is a super sport company in a different address if I may say so the DNA of the car is a pillar beginning you can recognize from the line you can but of course what is good for this car that you can have fun with the family or friends yeah but you can really feel them once when you have family visiting you somewhere you can pick them up one very important thing is the boot he’s right you actually get space we can load that lot of stuff that’s very cool and that’s unfortunate with with the other cars okay so just one last question for you is this the future of Lamborghini we’re gonna see a lot more SUVs come out I think that’s first of all for us the objectives is to stay focused to the supercar this is an extension for our portfolio no doubt about it but the focus has to be immanuel of our brand that these Supersport that’s the future and that’s our mission well hopefully one day I’ll be behind the wheel of the Auris and actually picking him up on the air I’m looking for you but it’s not because of the end of the day you see this is another way to have more women in our world yes is very important and if you see for example today that we have launched the Budokan conformant a spider in the video there was a woman that was running we’re changing that this is a philosophy that Lamborghini has to change because we feel that the brand is really for women too I want to hear the Corsa mode so we can hear the engine won’t that be be turbo actually sounds like very quiet okay and now course huh it’s got a bit of a crackle yeah it’s just you can tell it’s not a it’s body could be so I’m Ragini please please come out with a b12 or b10 math naturally aspirated one yeah thank you thank you heading into town now into the capital of gonna check out the pulled ourselves yeah I’m gonna go check out the Parliament building there’s like the old start which is really pretty much done I know a lot of you think that I’m stressed I’m not actually Swiss body but I lived in Switzerland in burn for a year 15 years ago so I can speak Ashley she eats a [ __ ] beeping become a driver so there you go here don’t be polemic eat you know what I like about this car you can fly on the cover and you’re not gonna get ate it’s really nice that I love the reactions as we drive through burn right at the last second as you’re driving by people realize it’s a Lamborghini and start tapping each other what is this this is the depot oh man yeah it’s a very very very well-known clock it’s been around for hello hundreds of you so you can see that’s where Einstein lived how cool just show the building up there that’s actually where he was so now you’re better pull up at the Bundys all the Parliament building this is the government house and burn incense that’s it I hope you liked the video please like it like it like and if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel already please do love you guys so much have an awesome one see you next time

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