The World’s Most Advanced Car Scanner!

The World’s Most Advanced Car Scanner!


I get to see inside the coolest most sophisticated car scanner in the world. You drive your car or the car you want to buy in to the scanner and in minutes it will show you all the marks that you can’t see with the naked eye. It can show if panels have been replaced, if it’s formally had a wrap, if it has any scratches on the inside or outside or even underneath the car. It was really fascinating to watch. What’s even cooler is we got the super rare Senna GTR to drive in to the scanner and I also got to get behind the wheel. Enjoy guysCheck out more on #twinner #digitaltwinn #twinnerspace

check this out guys look at this so cool come with me i’m in a secret location in munich germany to show you this special cave it is so bright in here you guys you wouldn’t believe this is 20 of the sun’s rays if it was a hundred percent it would be like looking directly into the sun you can see i’m blinking a lot i’m finding it hard to see in here it’s so bright and look at this we are lighting up a mclaren cena gtr this car is so rare and so special there are only 75 of these in the world it’s a 2 million car let me show you what all this fuss is about i’ll give you this so i can get in all right this is so cool so cool first time i’m getting into a center gtr you guys oh it’s very squishy wow i hardly even fit okay thank you all right we’re going to place this here lock that off and make sure those little eyes are pointing forward okay that’s good i’m standing in the most sophisticated car scanner in the world you guys let me show you what it can do this is so cool look at this first of all as you drive the car in this scans the underside of the car right and these ones here scan the tread depth of the tires this is marcus everyone from twitter he’s actually going to help me i will do this all process i actually have to walk out of the cave because it scans the paint on the car as well and that needs really really strong uv rays and it’d actually be dangerous for a human to be inside the cave let’s start this process how cool does that look closer up you’re gonna scan the car now and then it’ll take like five minutes and then we’ll have a look at all the things that it picks up if you buy or sell a car obviously you kind of want to know what condition the car is in right i’ve done this so many times i’m like i really want to buy this car and i’ve got to go and get it checked first that’s what this does but on another level all together check this out so we’ve just scanned the cena gtr there’s like a 360 profile of this car what it does is it creates a digital twin so basically that is exactly that car in there but it’s a twin digitally what it also does is it gives you beauty shots so if you want to sell your car you get your car like this in a studio with all the lights perfect and then they can add a background here and then this is the cool stuff i really want to show you see look it scans the tread depth of the tires now this one is critical it says replace your tires immediately because this car in here is a track only car it has slicks so it doesn’t have any tread on it check this out right here it’s going to show you that a body panel has been repainted you see that so that whole body panel and this one here and that means you can start asking questions why has it been repainted the other thing is it scans all the body panels so it can identify which car it’s looking at it also shows you whether a car has previously had a wrap on it look at this how cool is that see look it used to be a military vehicle so you can actually see that it used to have a wrap look you can even make out the words what i’m going to do is put these little things on and then we’ll scan the car again and see if it recognizes all of these little marks so this actually is going to pick up hopefully that it has like little scratches all over the cup rim scratch okay and a lip scratch okay all right okay let’s see okay look there’s the first attention marker and that is where i place the first bit of a tape so if we just go into that it’ll show us the damage okay now what about the black marker because the black marker is much more difficult to see what else did it pick up on no got it got it what it will be able to do is be able to tell you the fair price of your car like the fair value for it right so that you know if you’re buying the car or selling the car what that price should be also guys if you want to know when one of these machines comes to your city where you live all you need to do is just go and register on their website the website is go and register there and then as soon as one is in your city they will let you know but what they want to do is actually set them up in public locations so you can just drive in with your car and within a couple of minutes you know exactly what’s going on with that car that you wanted to buy so i think that’s quite cool but that’s that’s coming oh okay guys it gets even better i get to drive the cena gtr for the very first time i’ve driven the center but not the gtr oh these are crazy all right so this is a race car track only mclaren you’ve got these kind of race windows here it’s also got more horsepower than the standard cena it is much lower to the ground as well so we’ve got to be super careful all right this one is number 61 of 75 in the world wow look at this this is a real racing steering wheel isn’t it that’s crazy look track race track wet all right attach the steering wheel this is how you turn her on all these buttons buttons buttons you’re gonna press the master down all right and now we just wait okay so look everything kind of turns on here the start button is up here all right all right i can’t hear anything this is madness absolutely madness this has 825 horsepower the center has 800. this is a four liter twin turbo v8 and it sounds magical this is the fire system so this is directly attached to the engine so if something happens you detect a fire you push this button right here and that will spray the engine with the fire retardant spray i’d have my phones out too holy this is a crazy car does it sound awesome sounds awesome oh my god this is why i do this job you guys i could be in the worst mood ever and i get in a car like this and my mood just improves a thousand fold it makes me so happy ah holy this is awesome oh my god who gets to do this wow oh i definitely want to take this on the track now oh my gosh oh my god this is amazing all right that’s it you guys ah let me turn it off my goodness thank you so much to mclaren here in munich uh for letting me drive this is incredible you can actually go and buy this exact mclaren center gtr on the twitter website you can find that website just in the description below alright guys i hope you enjoyed the vid that was so cool seeing all this new tech and being able to drive this incredible car i think i’m out see you around bye you

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