The world’s most exclusive Supercar Club

The world’s most exclusive Supercar Club


I was able to take part of the Delmonya Tour, part of the worlds most exclusive Supercar Club. We stopped at Qasr Al Sarab resort in Liwa Oasis where we were joined by Abu Dhabi Police and their helicopter all the way to the Abu Dhabi Yas Marina F1 Circuit.The tour finished in Dubai, led by Dubai Police and their supercars.Follow us on:Instagram: @Supercarblondie & @SupercarsClubArabiaSpecial thanks to Al Tayer Motors (Ferrari) & Mercedes Middle East.No Copyright Music by:Digital Plague – WydronVibe With Me – Joakim KarudPhilae – OlivawSthim Sunset – EhrlingGood for me – Lakey InspiredRunning – DJ Quads• • D E L M O N Y A • •14-20 February 2017———————————–@Chopard#Chopard#ChopardSuperfast——————————–@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@TheExperimentEvents————————————#Delmonya#SupercarsClubArabia

so this weekend I’m doing something super exciting I’m going on what is called the world’s most exclusive supercar run and there’s the GTS behind me I’m going to be taking that car I’m going to be leaving the i8 behind this weekend because I’m about to go and pick up another car to bring with me and we super can’t switch back in atomic so much power okay I’ve just arrived go and pick up the car and here it is it’ll be one of these two okay clear Ferrari since our own Sheikh Zayed Road in Ephrata so this is a v8 twin-turbo and very 100 in about three about 660 yes all right so it’s going to take about three hours to drive down to where we need to go to meet up with all the others difficult pit Oh stopped at the petrol station we’re filling up to make our way down to Abu Dhabi and we got some air between McDonough begin yep I’m eating McDonald’s in a Ferrari hello would you believe there’s no cup holder for a McDonald’s quote no cup holders of McDonald’s coke what’s going on there major floor in design so we are just about to arrive a coverall to rob and i wanted to show you the view this is just the resort was saying and there’s nothing else out here it’s just old in it yo yo yo our Moorhead this is Nick and he’s going to be driving either the GTS or the for a8 and we’re going to be swapping over the next couple of days of course you can’t drive two cars over I’m working on it these cars have driven from Kuwait through Saudi Arabia to the UAE here and we’re going to be driving these cars from here to Abu Dhabi the capital this afternoon a big group of us with police escort as well I can hear the chopper above me somewhere local police escort in a helicopter house just arrived at the outside story everyone’s posh their cards down here I’m going to keep the GTS down here until later on and we’re going to go to the tracks later tonight we’re doing a double camo I’m just saying you’re not having fun say live like eminency going to track everyone’s rabbinic own it’s no bigger thrill honestly than driving with all of these cars there’s just something there’s a heightened sense of excitement thrill there’s one thing having your own supercar driving it around but being amongst so many others yeah and in fairness hey hey hey clean it up we want to move you of the laferrari comment all the other cars sure you are hey Charlie better cause I’m already turned around or is it like a million times it sounds insane so you’ll have to go to my Instagram check out the video come inside take a look I mean this is a laferrari guys not Ferrari what it looks like inside you have to turn the key on this one first and then you press the start button I’m here on the world’s most exclusive couple and they have traveled through countries to get here today I’m joining them here in the UAE Shmi 150s flown over from the UK just to join tonight mo blogs team a look thank you tell us why you love it why did you buy this car it’s a very unique job I think we will not see something like that for the next 10 years from Ferrari maybe for the next 50min really and it’s the first electric Ferrari ever me yes and its name lenore– if it’s your favorite car oh absolutely Warrington I love the portion I want it okay what’s your daily drive be four by four oh yeah are you Robin yeah yeah my favorite one and that’s my drive right now you drive this car which is like basically being a three stories high around town yeah I get the people can carve an incredible Thursday as you will have seen that we had a helicopter why over top of all the supercars on the way from Qatar ourselves to the a/c and known as the most explosive car club in the world yeah what makes us different is one is the exclusivity in terms of what type of cosby except France is a really really cyclist how did you find us is the car would you accept a Chevrolet Spark definitely not enough well we’ll have to wait till they make a new model maybe might be possible that maybe they’re gonna have like the GTR version oh oh really oh can I have air conditioning all right Wow okay so there’s a certain level yet is there is a certain time to be a member what you join the club or to join anyway to give lots of the pain any of the tools we do as long as you own one of the cars we accept your more than lock hey guys it’s really simple it’s super simple just earn a million dollar car make up morning is say three of the cosmos Arabia run which is devout the head out let me just explain to you how amazing this to clean so they started in Bahrain and then that they went down to Saudi Arabia then through to cut off in fact through Saudi Arabia forget where I joined them under control what they did in Saudi Arabia to make this trip even smooth off removed and speed bomb it’s also about six months to do this down the main highway so that all these cars could just go through and not have to slow down this part of the speed bump here to the side which does just rubble inside their three box alcohol is up save north is real every part there’s nothing special about it though really special arrived in Dubai there is firstly from the tallest building in the world of course and you know how I said we have a police escort let’s go have a look at them now you don’t just get a normal sleep up here yes because there will be tourists yet wondering so I honored this you buy everything nice trip this is how you find get abroad whispers just to put the laferrari on the back here we are the closing ceremony everyone gathering around so cute professionally fun riding some of us were a private Terrace camp right and that is pretty much it from us here at the supercar Club Arabia here in the Middle East for 2017 I’m here with Shane come on thank you so much for having us it was such an amazing occasion rmu it was just quite short that you joined us next time we shall let you experience the whole tour from the start and again thank you for coming next event which will be October of us a Wi-Fi starting and San Diego Vega true ending in Vegas so what are you going to bring you to the place well it depends maybe one of the new cars coming oh one of the new cars like a something to look forward to thank you so much behind you okay just when we thought the night was over it is not let me show you how the front here of course is the laferrari from Shanghai who have been driving around with look what is next to it you won’t believe and Enzo and Enzoani here is on real so that is the end of the employer this amazing amazing super Colorado cash you guys doing on the next supercar run or something else happening to do with amazing card here is device or maybe in the rest the world cash then why

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