The World’s Most Expensive Car

The World’s Most Expensive Car


This is the World’s most expensive car. Yes, literally the number 1 most expensive car in the world. This car is worth over $100 Million and it is the 1955 Mercedes 300SLR, some experts have even valued the Mercedes at $300 Million. Only 2 of these Mercedes SLRs exist in the world. Both cars are owned by Mercedes and have never been put up for sale and will never be sold.You can Supercar Blondie on:#MercedesBenz #300SLR

this is the world’s most expensive car check it out this car is 66 years old but it’s worth over 100 million dollars what and we get our hands on a massive thank you to mercedes uh we are here in germany in a secret location this car here is called the 300 slr now 300 that stands for three liter okay and then slr super light racing this car was made in 1955. now back in 1955 before this car was made there was actually a roadster version so meaning no roof all right and that car back in 55 won every single race that entered and finished including the miller milia that car was one of the most successful racing cars back then they brought this out but they only had the opportunity to make two of these coupe versions in the world before mercedes decided they’re gonna shut down their racing divisions there’s even been people saying that it’s worth up to 300 million dollars now this is actually as i said a racing car now let me just show you why they say it’s a racing car and not made for consumer purposes look how you have to sit ready so you get in get in right look at this this i’ve never seen before look you’ve got a little little space here right this is where usually both your legs would fit in this space underneath the wheel but you’ve got the whole drivetrain here in the middle so you’ve got to sit like this and that my friends is why i never wear dresses on shoots this is not the most ladylike position this is actually the gas pedal and this is covered in leather because they didn’t want the driver’s shoes to slip off the gas pedal now this leather here as well this is not for luxury purposes like leather is used today this is actually just here because it is durable material so when you’re a driver and you’re throwing your body over the side of the car to get in they wanted to make sure that this actually did well there is a button right here can you see that if you actually release this it opens up a vent from the engine the engine is literally right there it opens it up to release the heat from the engine and that would literally just come in into the cabin so you put you’d have to have like fireproof shoes on or something if it would get pretty hot now the guy who used to drive this around mr ullenhaut actually sustained permanent hearing loss because of the sound of this engine isn’t that mad and that is why this car is nicknamed the ulenhout coupe it’s nicknamed after him it only has look over 5000 kilometers on the clock and this is after 66 years isn’t that mad these are for the wipers look you’ve got the bear wipers this is actually to turn the engine off so our smarten and then here you’ve got the choke here you’ve got this to pull and then the hood opens so we’re going to look under the hood in just a second and this is the blinkers made because of course olin had to use this as his daily car so he needed blinkers this one here is the dash lights for this and this is the dash lights for this side now down here we have a gated gearbox five gears and reverse now you just gotta push the button in first to release it to be able to get into first gear okay and then what’s interesting is you see this little thing it’s actually a manual release because to get into reverse you need to pull this up physically and now you’re actually able to pull this back into reverse so that’s there to actually make sure that it cannot just somehow flick into reverse uh accidentally material wise as i said leather used for durability this here it’s very comfy it’s very much not like current racing seats it’s just like a little bit of cushioning which is crazy and no seat belts no seat belts in racing this car has a top speed of 290 kilometers an hour can you imagine driving 290 kilometers an hour with no seat belts that’s crazy first things first you pull this the h all right that releases it now we try and get out and that is why i’ll never be a racing driver pull this up all right here and here there’s a little thingymajig that you then stick in here all right and you push that until it clicks all right and now it’s stable now look you have an inline eight or a straight eight so eight cylinders you can see them here very clearly and what you might notice is this look here are the brakes so the brakes are not actually on the wheels they’re here in the middle and that was so they could save weight from the wheels so the wheels this whole area here isn’t too heavy the weight is then more here in the center this had more horsepower this engine right here than what they were using in the f1 cars back then but what is similar is this look the exhaust look at this look at this straight out here straight out the side straight out the side where do you see that this is going to be so loud and over here look you’ve got an air intake right here come around the back this is how you open it all this and this right here is a d that stands for deutschland so germany and you open this up there you go look at this you’ve got a spare wheel you can also fit another spare wheel here but we took it off so that you could see what else is going on here this is the fuel tank so you put in the fuel right here this is to support the brakes and this is the fuel pump so that’s what you’ve got going on in the back of the car it is so light you know why because the whole body is made of magnesium and the chassis is still but the whole body is magnesium now you think okay so if race cars were made of magnesium back then why are they not still made of magnesium magnesium is super super expensive they found a better way to build cars today and that is through carbon fiber using carbon fiber because it is also lighter and stronger so back then this was super expensive to make using magnesium let’s start her up shall we let’s do this we need to hear this all right everyone got their earplugs yeah yeah ear plugs in i’m gonna learn first how to start this car because it is currently cold the engine is cold so we have our special mechanic over here uber who’s gonna come on in come on in come on in join the supercar blondie show come on over uh he’s gonna warm up the engine now i want this on camera because of course this has not been started in a while so it’s a cold engine and we’re gonna hear the blast from the exhaust over there all right let’s do this let’s do this here i’ll grab my phone let you in okay steering wheel comes off do you see that little button pull off yeah yeah cool all right and you get i’ve got it so he just said he just said don’t stand there once it goes on you’ll probably burn your legs because it’s going to come straight out of here so just be careful come stand back around here so you can see okay okay wait do you get all of that yeah hahaha holy moly that’s a way to woman engine thank you ube wow holy moly okay all right it’s warm now it’s bomb it’s warm okay so can you imagine all in out the guy who actually drove this car around as his daily car now you can understand why he got permanent hearing damage can you imagine just starting that up like 5 a.m your neighbors are like shut it off already that is just insane now what is also insane is he did the trip from frankfurt to munich which is about 280 kilometers in one hour back then in 1955 he was going top speed all the way from frankfurt to munich in this how crazy all right i think it’s my go is it my go all right so there’s a bit of a procedure as you saw i’m gonna push this in push it in pull this out okay you need to honk otherwise it doesn’t turn on and then this one here ready the most expensive yeah yeah yeah thank you ah you

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