The World’s Most Expensive Custom Bugatti Chiron!

The World’s Most Expensive Custom Bugatti Chiron!


This is the most expensive custom Bugatti Chiron in the World. It’s customised by Mansory for an additional $1.5 million.Follow me on:

this is the man’s story bugatti chiron take a look at this collage carbon fiber fat has the sparkles in it supergirl blondie here I’m here at the Geneva International Motor Show and we’re either Mansoori booth and we have Mr Man sir in Crimea to explain what is happening with this year on this year on it’s out of this world such as closest or quickly so we can see it from the outside look how it sparkles look how it sparkles this man can you see that and here with the collage carbon-fiber Leafs is ridiculously beautiful this car look at what they have done to it oh the key are the key my goodness it’s in a little glass box because it’s so special look at that sparkle in there the thing that really stands out to me is the interior so we’re going to talk to mr. munceford yeah you can see on the dash that is and I’ve never seen this material before so come join me over here so yeah you can you’re you’re the best person to explain what’s happening here this is called fancy leather yeah do you mind if I take a seat for you I’ve made sure to wear nothing that’s going to catch on anything today take a look at this so this whole dash is made of this fancy leather and so in what kind of leather do you take yeah okay my skin and that will be the coaching the process is all different and so how do you make it sparkle like this what have you got on top new yeah so we cannot announce now but it’s coming very soon all sorts of secret yeah Oh secret you guys how they do this because I have never seen this kind of texture texture before what it is is leather but it actually feels quite off to the touch right so it’s like a stingray if you know if you know similar but it’s agree more Harvick Yeah right okay yeah okay so you’ve got that here on the wheel in this incredible baby blue in the rules we have a logo oh yeah you have it up here and then up here as well and then all over here the dash so if you were to get this kind of option how much would this kind of leather cost well actually we don’t know so let’s say the thing about the the complete package yeah is this harder though is this more expensive to have them Sage’s a year before yes because it takes longer to too long yeah and the working even harder as the normal previous leather and alcantara later and the prophecy we’re working is also different it takes yeah more hour yeah can we just talk a little bit about the price I mean how much are we talking when it comes to completely redesigning this year on the fence region I mean they cost roughly that I think about two things to give completing a special painting carbon feeling interior everything we are let’s say asking from 1.5 million extra right yeah okay so four point five around 4.5 million feeling like that okay well but I mean I have to say this is I she run like no other I mean this is funny you know we are not making a lot yeah it’s this is 101 and all our different if not always same one yeah yeah so for other customer in which to do something yeah so we we will do it for sure not the same one yeah you can’t so say if I say I want this exact one can you make me this one again you wouldn’t do it you have to say no we’re doing something else yeah okay so I’d have to get pink in the interior blue can you just walk me through exactly what has been done to this kind of car on the exterior right so you know yeah yeah carbon of course is fidelity we have a started and this is called the college collage carbonara if you see in the card one I’ve never seen that before different yeah this is crazy yes I’ve seen colleague collage carbon-fiber but I’ve never seen collage carbon-fiber with sparkle is there something we create yeah is this the first time you have done collage carbon fiber with sparkles in it yeah last year we had a normal one yeah and you’ve studied how we can include yeah to make matching you know because this is the sparkles in this collage carbon-fiber much the the overall color of the car so it pulls it together very nicely main things that you’ve done with it yeah we have a new real smaller which is the the wings we have new scoop it sparkles as well on the edge of the like we are member rear diffuser yes and then let’s go gonna start with the rims here these are different as well is this is this a completely new room that you’ve come up with little doing but in the base of the original tire okay because I remain you’ve gotta match it to the tire yeah so you’ve got to come up with completely new rims because am you develop for the car sharon has tires that no other car has exactly the tire that’s very important okay this year you know we are in the video very on yeah Jeremy okay so you guys are based in Bavaria yes okay so you’ve put the Bavarian flag on the side here so you commute he’s hearing you friend yeah and you’ve taken the Bugatti logo off does that mean find this or have you taken it while we dig it up you take it off yeah there is no badge on this car that says Bugatti on the outside right you’ve taken all of the glasses off yeah it is something which is not already done so yeah we don’t want to you haven’t you wanna have a good relation very important right this time if you see that it is something not the easy hinge here basically so when you open the door this whole part has got to come in this has got it now fold in right around here and not touch the tire so they’ve come recreated that all-new well I mean the door that has gone into the complete redesign to not make a collision yeah yeah so so you have completely take did you have to completely remove that door panel yeah new complete panel new complete the sender you’re completely remanufacturing rods and so it becomes almost like a new car I mean this is just such a stunning lady thank you so so much for showing me around thank you I hope you guys have enjoyed we’re gonna say goodbye now

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