The World’s Most Expensive Lexus | LFA

The World’s Most Expensive Lexus | LFA


The Lexus LFA is widely regarded as the best sounding car ever made. Having been made in 2011, it’s incredible that it still holds that title for so many people.Special thanks to: @Alexsnx

oh my god oh my god that sound is absolutely crazy up guys i’m sergey welcome to the supercar bloundy channel the number one channel in all of the internet uh while you’re at it you might as well subscribe and if you’re not subscribed to car wars you should also do that because that’s the number two best channel on the internet anyways today i got a crazy ass car this right here is the lexus lfa right the lexus lfa what’s it all about i know some of you guys are already looking like yeah i know that if you know you know and if you don’t know i’m going to show you let’s start off with the outside the entire body is carbon fiber not just little pieces like the entire thing is actually carbon fiber check out these triple exhaust tailpipes these are actually made of titanium and this is arguably the best sounding car ever made i’m going to show you that in just a second these right here are 20 inch rims and over here on the mirror take a look you’ll see that this actually has like this little bit of a textures little little scooping texture that is to help bring the air straight into the input imagine that your you know wind just trickling along right you get scooped in straight in there now some of you guys might mistakenly think oh my god dude you left your hood open this is actually also an air intake underneath the hood you have a naturally aspirated v10 that produces 553 horsepower was actually co-developed with yamaha in case you guys don’t know yamaha also makes acoustic instruments so they fine tune it to perfection to get the perfect exhaust notes and you’ll hear that in just a second all right let’s open it up this little thing right here is the key a little bit outdated by now you have lexus over here it’s completely carbon fiber so you got to pop this in like that the engine start button is right here all right that is a little sneak peek one of my favorite features of the entire car is this right here i can actually physically move the entire thing that’s not digital that is literally the entire physical piece moving behind the seat you have a secret hidden button right there it’s actually not very easy to find look what happens when i press that that is sick this car took 10 years to make take a look at the interior you’ll see that every single piece looks like it is absolutely there for a reason it is super high quality this little piece right here is so sturdy for a turn signal over here in the middle you’ll see what number lfa that is this one’s number 346 out of 500 only 500 have ever been made this is the center console nothing too crazy about it you can press this little button to kind of deactivate the lights to put this thing from reverse to first gear you have to first flick it into neutral by flicking these two pedals like that and then the reverse levers all the way back here so that’s where the reverse is right there this is how you flick it into sports right there you just kind of turn it like that you’ll also see that on the lc 500 every single unit coming out of the factory was sold at a loss however first of all it brought attention into the lexus brand but also little features such as this trickle down into other lexuses like the lc500 right let’s go outside because i want to introduce you guys to alex this is my good friend from spain alex how are you doing oh very good nice to see you good to see you too all right he is the owner of this car how do you get your hands on a car when only 500 of them exist i mean if you want to pay a lot you can find it the same day but if you want to find it for the right price the right specs i spent two years trying to find the right cars yeah how much are they going to say more than 700 thousand dollars seven hundred thousand dollars and they’re going up in value yeah so you think like in ten years you think it’s going to continue going up i think is going to be around 1 million okay that is absolutely insane wow i haven’t even pushed that already sounds amazing let’s just shift it down oh my god oh my god that sounds incredible this thing does 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds it’s not the fastest car in the world but the sound especially driving it is actually insane we’re going to go through a tunnel we’re going to put the windows down and see what this thing can do oh my god oh my god all right let’s exit oh my god oh my god that sound is absolutely crazy what the hell it’s like uh it’s like it’s like a formula one car it’s like literally just a straight up trumpet oh my god wow that is the episode for today make sure you guys subscribe to supercar blondie while you’re at it as well subscribe to car wars if you don’t know what it is it’s basically like you know we get celebrity car collections and we just basically talk about them do a lot of dumb it’s a lot of fun make sure you subscribe to both channels and we’ll see you guys next time now the music goes dan then you

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