The World’s Most Expensive Toy Car

The World’s Most Expensive Toy Car


Hey I’m Supercar Blondie. This mini James Bond Aston Martin DB5 is the world’s most expensive toy car and one of the most expensive TOYS in the world full stop.This Aston Martin model car costs $100,000 and has all the features and gadgets of the full scale DB5 they used in the movie James Bond GoldfingerVideo to the James Bond DB5 – Special thanks to @MySwitzerland #SwissGrandTour

this is the most expensive most advanced toy car model this right here is the james bond you’ve got a db5 button ready lights up boom now the cool stuff in this drawer you have this box and this box now here we have the magic key all right this second box now we’re talking all right the key goes in here ready now watch this on boom lights up we’re ready to go you ready for this all right now over here this wheel controls this wheel watch here we go how cool is that guys go on and you can adjust the speed so if you just see you can slow it down you can go faster and see what controls all four wheels alright so now we’re running now let’s do these babies right here ready boom we’re in action all right come around here now we’re gonna get some machine guns out look you got machine guns the bulletproof screen and the number plates all on this model ready machine guns it’s so cool come on how cool is it all right here we go now over here we’re gonna activate the bulletproof screen all right this one okay ready boom it’s so fast too damn no one’s gonna get you boom you protected all right now around here you’ve got of course the number plate here changing boom evolving number plates naturally valid all countries you’ve got three so you can choose which one you’d like to drive around with this is just too cool i’ll put this over here for now the coolest thing is if you want to see me actually look and experience the real james bond db5 with all of the gadgets in real life i already did that in the uk the link to that video is underneath this one you’ve got to see it it’s a real life one with all the machine guns and look at this this is the db5 goldfinger continuation now we’ll open this up just look at the detail in here guys isn’t this unbelievable you’ve got the seatbelt seatbelt here all right and a little handbrake now you can also activate all of your guns and bulletproof shield from the center console so you’ve got your little handle there and buttons you’ve got the radar here that beeps and just all the little tiny little buttons everywhere switches wow so much detail now they’ve only made 27 of these in the world so they’re super hard to get a hold of but what’s even crazier is this in here this is your certificate now look this model here is the double 007 model how very cool is that this owner has number seven of 27 so this one is even more special than all of the others that is just insane look you’ve got the little hatch here for the eject button that pops off okay look this model is worth whatever could be a million dollars could be two the owner said he won’t even sell it for two million dollars he is in love with this so much so if you want to it’s upwards of two million hope you enjoyed guys how crazy wow what a time what a time wow we’re moving smoothly here

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