The World’s Most Luxurious Interior – 2022 Maybach

The World’s Most Luxurious Interior – 2022 Maybach


The 2022 Mercedes Maybach has arguably the most beautiful interior in the car world. Decked out in soft leather and ambient lighting, this luxury car has a ton of cool features. Today Sergi shows you around what makes the Mercedes Maybach one of the world’s coolest cars.Presenter: @Sergi.GalianoYou can follow Supercar Blondie on:

behind me is one of the most elegant cars in the world it has a ton of cool features wow damn and it has one of the most beautiful interiors i’ve ever seen inside of a car this is the 2022 mercedes maiba all right here it is hey if you’re looking to buy one congrats on being super rich for the rest of us let’s just take a little look around and all of its coolest features i think that the target market for this car is you know like diplomats royalty wealthy older men that don’t spend time with their kids social media life coaches that uh make money by selling books on how to make money hey i didn’t see you there i used to live in a trash can now i wear sunglasses indoors you want to get rich like me buy my book how to get rich like me let’s start off with the front you get the iconic maibak chrome grill which looks always incredible on the v12 version you have the chrome honeycomb going on as well the headlights also come from the s-class they have what’s called digital light which basically projects shapes onto the road when you drive a maiba you also get the maibak exclusive rims such as these ones i don’t know how i feel about these i’ve seen other ones that have more of a champagne kind of look but these are like almost the classic my back rims i like the other ones more though all right and then we have the back which looks great but that’s not why we’re here so let’s get over to the good stuff the juicy stuff the inside is what it’s all about when it comes to the maiba and obviously what you have are the door handles like this but these are flush door handles you whip out this beautiful key glistening in the sunlight oh yeah just put your hands like that comes right out and check out this interior actually come around come around the other side come around the other side yeah the first thing you’re going to notice is that everything inside here is absolutely covered in leather even this is covered in leather even the handles are leather and you don’t see that pretty often look this is actually completely leather these are some of the softest little squishiest pillows you’re ever going to touch and yeah this is the passenger seat which in a mailbag is pretty much useless it’s just there for decoration because most people will either be driving or in the back you know on the driver’s seat what you have is a nice little experience you have a 12.8 inch infotainment screen touch screen of course then you have a 12.3 inch gauge cluster and then what i love is this massive wooden panel just looks super super clean and then you have the ambient light which is actually kind of like a little screen almost it’s like a little like a led display usually it’s a little line this is like a full on little tiny screen and this will actually surround the entire car you’re going to see that in a second start stop is right here that if i put this on you just like this look what happens there that’s actually probably one of my favorite parts of the entire car as simple as it is it looks super cool to have it like kind of turn out so yeah and again if i want to just pop those back up all i got to do is raise the volume of korean singers it’s the simple things and it’s pretty hot in here it’s getting pretty steamy because you know jp is in the passenger seat relax jp let’s say i want to put the ac on look at this when i press this get a little blue thing coming all the way around so when i raise your temperature just press that little lasers also you have this huge and i mean huge panoramic sunroof and all you got to do to open it is swipe it like this it’s a little swipe and this thing kind of comes back all right we’ll drive it in a bit but let’s start with what we came here for the back actually why don’t you hop around the back i got a little surprise for you i got a little surprise for you jp hey i mean the chauffeur can open the doors from the driver’s seat i mean this this is putting like the hotel valet people out of business that’s messed up man i mean you know ballet jobs are getting replaced by technology valet guys lives matter this pops open and uh this is where most of my back owners will be spending their time in the back in a super cozy back seat with a ton of space look at that just appreciate it a little bit all right let’s get inside oh yeah camera magic so uh to close this door all you have to do you just pull that right there so pull and this comes and closes for you so this is super comfortable on the inside obviously you got a ton of space and if you want you can actually push this forward to make even more space all you got to do is that and all that goes forward and yeah i mean that is an absurd amount of space i think this is even good for like basketball players i mean you can be like eight feet tall and and sit comfortably in this one of the first observations that i made was the amount of ambient lighting in the back i mean you have them here there crossing this way on the speakers you have it here behind this panel you have it here like look i absolutely love ambient lighting but i think we’re starting to hit a limit like i don’t think you can do any more ambient lighting than this like if you do any more it’s going to look like you’re in a sunbed you know that’s the next step where you’re hearing like you’re getting a tan from all the ambient lighting inside the car you’re just tanning in the back obviously what you’re expecting in a mailbox is absolute opulence and that’s what you get so we press this you get absolutely nothing but there is supposed to be glasses glasses to enjoy your champagne and your drinks that’s where your cooler is and normally it would be in there very fancy this is your iphone charger pretty significant uh iphone holder and charger heated and cooled cup holders so you can keep your coffee warm and keep your ice drinks cold and you can press this little button right there press either one or the other but let’s press this one because it’s closer to you and that automatically with that little piano finish closes and that looks beautiful what’s cool as well is that here again normally you would have a control panel you can also control everything through here by turning it on and what you can do is you can give the chauffeur like uh your navigation for example you know tell him where to go by just you know tell him hey let’s go here he will be given those instructions he’ll get the same screen you can also control all your music you can do your calls blah blah blah all that stuff and it’s obviously all supported by mercedes’s mbux system so this actually comes up like that that gets pulled up and then this closes again that’s actually super nice see how the panel comes up goes in there and closes you would never know there’s something underneath that that’s pretty cool no one wants to reach back for their seatbelt right i mean it’s like way i mean are we crazy reaching back for your seatbelt this thing actually comes out for you so now it’s much easier to access and by the way let me just acknowledge the over-the-top material being used for this seat belt i think it’s time to drive it a little bit get the driving experience i genuinely think that mercedes makes the nicest interiors in the world and i mean that like the way that this interior is designed is just in my opinion it’s flawless the ambient light with just this massive panel is just uh it’s just incredible all right so as i said before this is a v12 that produces 612 horsepower and this is meant to go zero to 100 in 4.4 seconds which sounds like uh just an absolutely absurd speed for a car that is mainly meant to be chauffeured that’s the video for today let us know what you guys think and we’ll see you guys next time later

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