The world’s most secret Ferrari collector!

The world’s most secret Ferrari collector!


We were only allowed to film against a white wall in order to keep this Ferrari Collector’s identity and location hidden! What we saw in that garage we could hardly believe…Follow my friend on @ferraricollector and Maurice on @streetgasm – Wolf InsuranceOne of One Ferrari Ross’s – Follow me on:

a friend is getting a special delivery right now see what it is that might give you a hint the Ferrari truck at the front there it is a black laferrari of hurt off here in the Netherlands this is only one of two in the whole country so my friend doesn’t want his face in this video sir top line I’m gonna drive the Ferrari in for it thank you very much yes Turkey pedals come towards you in the laferrari ready or eise can you open the door mate here nose to nose with the laferrari Wow and surprise there’s a million other Ferraris in here you just never expected it would you if they’re in the most random locations across the world just in warehouses that you wouldn’t even suspect there was a one Ferrari in here this is really cool I want to show you something I’ll get out in here so now that this is safe and sound these tools are actually quite heavy like they’re nothing like the Enzo the Enzo daughter light this is actually you’ve got to really like give them up this is awesome so when it was first delivered this badge was in yellow the classic um Ferrari logo yellow and then they took it back into Ferrari and got a personalised badge with carbon fiber here and silver horse we’re just uh just putting in at some home which is usually over Lyon just so it doesn’t de la Ferrari doesn’t feel threatened by the laferrari Aperta they’ve got to separate them otherwise those fights yeah oh no not also replaced with the black horse into the headlights so this is darker this piece then what comes standard love to Lola Dutch flag music so that’s the cool the doors open at different angles they see it’s like this right kind of goes out like that because obviously it needs to open with the half of the roof attached right just goes like straight up like this so if you had to do a dance how would the dance be different that’s the product that’s the coupe this is the laferrari dance this is like all the exits on the plane yeah and this one’s a parrot Marvel’s massive thank you to Ferrari collector go check him out follow him give him some love pick up your phone go check him out because he has some incredible cars and has had all the time for us today to show you something awesome here the guy that got us here and drove us an hour and a half out of Amsterdam is Maurice and Street gasm aren’t we whoo is he is he a fashion model yeah he’s a fashion model aren’t you Maurice you got it going on man look do you know what he came to match the laferrari just so that basically there’s never a model with it I should have known better I should have worn black and red maybe I would have walked out of here with a laferrari you never know so let’s go check out the combination so Maurice runs um Street gasm Street Kasim he’s car club high-end car club yeah and you do like one major major rally a year yeah Street gazon mm yeah right yeah hyper cars supercars it goes different places around I do to Europe just now actually oh yeah Europe yeah Europe so for like seven eight days they take the cars and travel around Europe well with us it’s all about the driving rules and our seniors yeah it’s more about the driving rather than like the partying and the like it’s more a drive of yeah that’s right yeah okay cool so that Street chasm and you’ve actually picked this car especially for us today it’s just like all being kitted out with new stereo system and is it standard exhaust so actually there is something I’m telling them so yeah to try an Ardex sauce yeah can we hear it yeah this is nice right we Envy up the rapid this is actually a route in not oh great it’s always so cool it’s not so what was the original color of the car is it black okay so not a great rap and then the sound system wow that’s my experience here in the Netherlands and now I’m off to Dubai okay that’s it quick quick quick quick please like the video subscribe to my channel so so much more coming love you

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