The World’s Only Ferrari Rossa by Pininfarina!! *FOUND!*

The World’s Only Ferrari Rossa by Pininfarina!! *FOUND!*


This is the one of one Ferrari Rossa by Pininfarina. Built in 2000 with a V12 naturally aspirated engine and manual gear box. It’s based on the Ferrari 550 Maranello.Huge thanks to @FerrariCollector & @StreetgasmFollow me on:

see how good my guessing game is this one definitely an Enzo f50 yeah we will reveal it later see if I got hired f40 this one this one I had to cheat a little bit this one I know this one I have never seen before and if you’ve seen it before I would be hugely surprised the Pininfarina Rosa it was a collaboration between Pininfarina and Ferrari to celebrate Pininfarina ‘he’s a 70th year in the business and this is actually a concept car it is a fully functioning working car though so I’ll just take you around a little bit it has a v12 naturally aspirated engine in it I’m going to hear that in just in a moment the thing is because it’s concept car it is not street-legal because of course look there are no side mirrors here you have to treat it a little bit differently to a standard Road car coming off the line off the factory so this car is based on the 550 Maranello which is actually this car this time but the coupe version and yeah it was actually never meant to be sold Pininfarina made it so it was so special obviously they were celebrating a massive anniversary so they kept it actually for seven years at Pininfarina and then a friend here got his hands on it finally a few years ago and now it’s with him there’s a little rear view camera right here when they got it this didn’t even this wasn’t even real it was just like a little like something to look like it was a rear-view camera but they actually installed real rear view camera then once they got it this is how you open that’s cool it’s very easy did I say that I was some produced in 2000 so about 18 years ago but look how cool it still looks one still looks like jelly phone now all the Monza yeah because of the arc on top and everything yeah true now this car doesn’t actually have a key some manual right so how do you start a car with no key you just start it so this is how you start it leave that running for a few seconds love all those lights yeah look at here it’s got third degree is about 17 degrees in the end okay let’s start er up got the red meeting here and look at these these buttons here all of these buttons they don’t actually work so you’ve got the recording button here not sure he’s the rear view camera that does work now real one in yeah area all right I think that’s not done Wow Wow that’s it I’m never gonna see this car again she can’t take it out no this is not illegal at all to take on the roads because it is kind of it’s it’s a fully functioning car right it does have the v12 in it and you can drive it it’s just not legal to because it’s actually still kind of considered a concept so we can’t take it out on function what do you think of the look don’t know tell you what it’s called it’s actually called the Russell I really like it it still looks very futuristic to me even though it’s 18 years old with these headlines I mean much of a mist came out in 2000 how futuristic this would’ve what was right you know for foiling the flow of the air take a spoiler here cool well my ex is boiling the side spoiler yeah cool all right see what it seems you just need to have a help am I supposed to don’t even eagle and goggles with this on do you because it does have a winds thing it’s not completely open like the Stirling Moss just has like a tiny little thing down here so you need to wear goggles and a and a helmet but this would keep you quite protected actually that’s it how cool how special the sea lion did not know I was gonna see this car today so there you go don’t even have to hand the key back

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