There is information on all-wheel-drive Toyota Camry

There is information on all-wheel-drive Toyota Camry


Last fall, Toyota introduced the all-wheel-drive Camry. In anticipation of the beginning of sales of the car was given to test the leading American journalists who shared their impressions about the new product.

Toyota Camry AWD experienced editors of publications such as Autoblog, CNET, Jalopnik. Because all-wheel-drive Camry was done with an eye on winter operation (for better flotation), tested the car in the appropriate conditions – mountain, snow-covered road.


But let us get to the point. The main difference between the Toyota Camry AWD from the standard front – wheel drive car, optional all-wheel drive Dynamic Torque Control AWD from the RAV4 crossover. Its essence is that when the car stalled, half thrust (exactly 50%), the system transmits to the rear wheels. The rest of the time that torque is supplied exclusively to the front wheels for fuel economy. Thus put such technology to only one version of the model: one that is equipped with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine that works in tandem with 8АКПП.

But in addition to the system Dynamic Torque Control AWD, the RAV4 carried over from also transfer box, rear differential and rear suspension, which was adapted specifically for the sedan. But the driveshaft went from Highlander. Another difference in the new bifurcated exhaust system, which adds extra 3-4 horsepower (total returns – 202-205 forces depending on configuration).

With such a makeweight Toyota Camry AWD is heavier than the original model at 75 kg, but in terms of consumption it is not far away: in the combined cycle car consumes 8.1 l in the city and 9.4 l, and on the highway is 6.9 l. Upon that ground clearance, the new model is more than 5 mm, however, the journalists claim that the benefits of this frankly little.

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As for driving qualities, Toyota Camry AWD, foreign colleagues noted the following at the end of the winter test:

  • neutral copes with turns;
  • rapidly up the hill;
  • sharp steering;
  • good grip;
  • oversteer at high speeds;
  • not enough engine power;
  • there is a slippage on slippery road surfaces (but is let down by the tyres).


In General, the experts were satisfied with the car, but noted that the Toyota Camry AWD is well-suited for winter conditions – in other cases, it is better to consider the option of buying a Camry with a V6 engine, if there is a need for a powerful sedan.

In the U.S. market Toyota Camry AWD will come in the spring, but would she have the European version, is unknown.

Would like to four-wheel drive Camry was brought to Ukraine?

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