There it is — Tesla is developing a fully Autonomous car

There it is — Tesla is developing a fully Autonomous car


At the annual world conference on artificial intelligence in Shanghai (WAIC) the head of Tesla Elon Musk said that the company is close to developing a fully Autonomous car that can move without the driver.

According to a top Manager, basic version of the revolutionary technology must be ready before the end of 2020. During this time, Tesla engineers will develop a new system of heat transfer and cooling, which will introduce the car in more advanced computing systems.


Yesterday we reported that Tesla came in first place in the world by market capitalization among automakers, beating the Japanese Corporation Toyota. Shares of the American manufacturer of electric cars in the evening of July 1, rose to a record 1134 of dollars, and the market capitalization of the brand reached MYR 207.2 billion, surpassing the market capitalization of Toyota, which 201.9 million, billion dollars. On the third line there is the German Volkswagen concern with the capitalization of 78,92 billion.

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