There were fresh photos of the new generation Renault Sandero

There were fresh photos of the new generation Renault Sandero


The car has already got the lenses cameras photospin, but now it has less camouflage.

The French company Renault continues to test a new hatchback Sandero. The car is preparing for a generational change. Recall that the current generation has not been updated in eight years. The resulting image shows that the car is hidden by a dense layer of camouflage, however, some body parts have managed to consider. The main conclusion at the moment – new Sandero will get a completely different grille and head optics. Externally, the car became slightly larger than its predecessor. Note that now Renault Sandero gets a new platform CMF-B is irrelevant B0.

This “truck” is used for the latest generation Renault Clio, the second generation Renault Captur as well as the modern Nissan Juke.


This architecture allows the use of both gasoline and diesel powertrains. This should improve handling and safety. Today in the Ukrainian market available the current version of the Sandero at a price of 10 100 dollars, and its cross version Stepway in price from 12 $ 300.

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