There were images of the concept car MINI Electric “Tomboy”

There were images of the concept car MINI Electric “Tomboy”


After years of testing, the company is finally ready to promote all-electric Cooper SE, presented recently in mass.

To convert a conventional car into an electric car is good, if you are looking for like-minded people and offer decent battery. Kia and Hyundai are perhaps the best examples of excellent work. However, it is expected from MINI more. In the end, the original model was probably the most influential car of the last century, being able to leverage their compact size.

However, the MINI in its quest as quickly as possible to start selling EV, has collected electric Cooper SE “contrary” by inserting new components into the platform, which was developed for a completely different work. As a result, seeing the finished car for $ 30,000, we wonder how it could look if it were designed from scratch.

A student of Korean national University of arts Sean Kanun created this work of art that proves that there are still many ways to reinvent the car, and maybe the automakers should from time to time to abandon their conservative approach. In any case, many of proportions “MINI Tomboy” differ from Cooper SE, although it is still instantly recognizable.

The designer has retained much of the rounded shape of the hood, but combined it with creolophone headlights. The front grille is just a hint of his former self, and the back one large “Union Jack”, which light up during braking. Minimal overhangs and tight double layout indicate the nature of the racing electric vehicle, although the Korean artist, despite the excessive use of glass, it is possible to give it airy look.

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