There were photos of the new “Gun” from Great Wall

There were photos of the new “Gun” from Great Wall


This is the name of the new Great Wall pickup – Cannon, which translates from English as “Cannon”. The model with a formidable name should become the flagship “truck” in the lineup of the Chinese brand.

The production Great Wall Cannon is a modified version of the X Cannon prototype shown at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. This is a frame pickup with a length of 5.46 m, a width of 1.99 m and a height of 1.96 m. At the same time, the wheelbase of the “Pushka” is 3.35 m, that is, it is comparable in size to the American Ford F-150 with a one-and-a-half cab , but still inferior in length and wheelbase to versions with a double cab.

Great Wall Cannon will be produced in regular trim levels, as well as in a more “brutal” design with additional linings on the wheel arches, unpainted bumpers and other stylistic elements. Such a car is shown in the certification pictures distributed by the Chinese media.

The public premiere of the Great Wall Cannon is due at the end of August. The pickup is expected to debut in the Chinese market in 2022 with a 2.0L 224bhp gasoline turbo engine that will be mated to an 8-speed automatic. There is no information about other motors yet.

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