These methods of increasing the lifetime of the car

These methods of increasing the lifetime of the car


Careful use and timely maintenance of the machine helps to extend its service life.

First of all, experts advise in advance to plan your route – so will be able to avoid many “bad” roads and extend the service life of the suspension. Poor road surfaces can cause breakage of the shock absorber or spring, and even damage wheels and tires.

It is also not advised to reduce speed, switch on downshifts, since this adversely affects the transmission, thus reducing its service life. This should be done with the help of the brakes. Sometimes you have to turn on the air conditioner, otherwise the system may fail after a long idle.

Sometimes it is important to accelerate the car to high speeds and allow the motor to operate at high speed. It is not advised to prevent long idling cars, this can cause problems with the battery, clutch or brakes.

Constant running power unit for short trips in the cold season becomes the cause of its increased wear. In the winter it is extremely important how to warm up the car. In addition, it is not advised to move with a small amount of fuel in the tank – on the bottom of the tank sludge is formed, can lead to clogging of the pump, filter and injectors.


It is also important to pay attention to the indicators on the instrument panel that inform about the status of all systems of the car. Usually they warn about problems or the need to perform certain service activities, such as topping up oil, antifreeze or washer fluid.

You need to constantly check the levels of coolant and brake fluids, and fluid-steering the steering wheel. Finally, experts advise in a timely manner (according to the regulations of the manufacturer) replacement belt/timing chain, oil in the CAT and in time to service the car while diagnosing all of its components and systems. So, as you can extend the “life” of the car, and get rid of unnecessary expenses that can catch you in unexpected moment.

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