They did not hesitate: Audi introduced a new Q5 e-tron

They did not hesitate: Audi introduced a new Q5 e-tron


In addition to Germany, the novelty is going to be produced in China. Also, an extended modification of the “four” was prepared for this market, which would be logical to call it Q4L. But such a crossover was presented in Guangzhou under the name Audi Q5 e-tron.

This electric car has only an index in common with the well-known Q5 model, but they are not structurally connected in any way, since the modular MEB “cart” is at the heart of the electric car. Compared to the Q4 e-tron, the new Audi Q5 e-tron has a wheelbase stretched by 201 mm: 2965 mm instead of 2764 mm.

It is known that there are options for seven or six seats to choose from. In the case of seven seats, there is a three-seater sofa in the second row, and in the second case – a pair of separate “captain’s” seats, and this is the first time Audi uses such a layout.

In addition, second-row passengers are provided with heated seats and a separate climate control zone. According to published data, the front part of the cabin with a two-level center console is the same for these cars. But on the face of it, the models are different: the Audi Q5 e-tron received different headlights with large lower sections and a different bumper design.

As for the technical equipment, the two models are almost identical. The extended version is offered in three trim levels. The base Audi Q5 35 e-tron received rear-wheel drive and one electric motor with a return of 180 hp. against 170 for the same “four”, and the total capacity of the traction battery is 55 kW? h.

The Audi Q5 40 e-tron is equipped with a 204 hp unit. and an 83.4 kWh battery, which is enough for 560 km of run. And the top version of the Audi Q5 50 e-tron quattro received four-wheel drive with two electric motors: 109 hp. front and 204 hp. behind. The battery is the same here, and the cruising range is stated to be 520 km.

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