They don’t know what they’re doing: Carlos Ghosn criticized the company’s electric cars

They don’t know what they’re doing: Carlos Ghosn criticized the company’s electric cars


Former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn criticized the automaker for its lack of vision for the future. The fugitive executive believes the company should do whatever it takes to expand its EV lineup.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to Auto News.

Speaking at a press conference on the release of his new book, Ghosn noted that the auto industry will soon move entirely to electric vehicles, and Nissan is not making enough efforts to succeed.

“The speed of reaction and acceptance of calls will determine who will be the winner,” he said. Using Leaf as an example, the manager showed how Nissan tried to popularize electric vehicles. When he was at the helm of the company, he did his best for the electromobility future. Here’s how he commented: “When I launched the first electric car for the mass market, everyone laughed at us, but now you understand who was right and how wrong our critics were.”

“They really have a really bad position in the EV race,” Ghosn said of his former company. “They have no vision. They don’t know where they are going. They have no idea about this huge technological transformation that is taking place.”

In late November, Nissan said it was accelerating its electrification plans and plans to launch 23 new electrified models by fiscal 2030, including 15 electric vehicles. The Japanese automaker expects 75 percent of its European sales to come from electrified models by 2026.

Recall that Carlos Ghosn was arrested at the end of 2018 in Japan on charges of lowering his salary and using company funds for personal gain. In 2019, he fled to Lebanon, where he remains until today.

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