They Paid $400k for a WRECKED Porsche!!

They Paid $400k for a WRECKED Porsche!!


I’m visiting my first supercar Mecum auction at Pebble Beach with my Russian friend Alan Enileev and encounter everything from a La Ferrari to a wrecked Porsche 1987 959 that sold for over $400k!Follow me on:

go that way whoa there what’s up it’s supercar blondie I’m here at Mecum auctions and this is the first time I’m experiencing this you and I are going to watch it together hello guys I’m Alan one fun fun fun fun fun and supercar grandi is good an auction where they auction off the very best the most expensive cars in the world this is what we’re gonna walk into right now you’re with the high rollers look at this we’re gonna be gold bidder today not sure what that means Ivan they’ve got a dollar how much money do you have on here four thousand roubles for well what’s that in dollars seventy seven seventy dollars ago are you doing pretty well all right so what some fun we’ve got 71 dollars to bid on a car today as a gold bidder is $71 or not fifteen out sorry is it is it gold digger got a gold for the gold digger registration counter five hundred dollars so what can you get for five hundred yeah that’s all we’re for over here for exactly right okay let’s scrape together some more money so this is the gold digger pass thank you gonna drop some dollars okay dropsy Dallas Oh expensive cars being auctioned off so we’re gonna bid on one you and let’s do it let’s do it we got one last option seems Dorothy’s negation is gonna be cool which my YouTube vid of the reverence and in London examines any one for sale right now high-speed looking at 1.5 mil 1.5 mil how is this possible that it’s already going for sale don’t want to kill hello didn’t these cars just get delivered to their owners yeah that’s not allowed 1.6 million centenario 42.2 okay so most of these cars in here have already gone on the block they’ve already been optioned this one behind us is one of the only ones that sold so the salaah Ferrari went for over three million dollars there’s another one over here it hasn’t even been sold yet 1.2 it stopped out it didn’t hit the reserve so we’re gonna watch a few more go onto the block and see what they go for this car is just gone and we’ve just met the owners the new owners of this car so you’re the your new owner excited thank you okay so your dad bought this car well it’s so red on red alright guys so we’re gonna go outside on the lawn this car was featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off awesome awesome movie so this is actually out on the yard right now we’re going to go talk to the owner and see what he wants for this car it’s going to go to options here we go guys we got the big poster in it and everything so you guys have seen the movie haven’t you and this car was actually in that movie so I wonder how much someone’s gonna pay for that because you never know it shouldn’t just be a massive fan of the movie who could just pay with they remove the roof for a car like this where he would kneel he’s actually the Builder of this car so you’ve actually built this car and this is the car featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off it’s one of the three original cars that were used for the filming so what are you expecting at the options in this car today well I mean CNBC and it’s walking the street and I think they’re probably pretty close they’re thinking anywhere and this is a huge range you’re thinking between 250,000 and a million I’m with Joe he’s actually the owner of the fellas Ferris Bueller’s Day Off car what are you hoping for today numbers-wise what we silent mean to the camera just silently so no one else knows I’d love to see it go to somewhere that people could really enjoy it and see it in public and appreciate and have fun with it because people love the car yeah so I’d like to see it go to a good home but the people that do show over the public so I hope I get a million bucks would be fine yeah a million bucks would be fine for me to come to the next car now which is actually literally just being taken to option right now the four five eighths Betsy la oferta so we’re gonna watch this go from here on the lawn into the auction house and see how it all goes down grow yup stuff like this in Russia um no this is something new for me aware it cool move it 525 550 525 emitters 550 made all right the 633 miles 20 million over 30 bin that goes on 620 would you quit certified in CRS top final work triple crowd award-winner Tyne respiration one of 294 produced and look at the condition is in what actually happened was it was on a top being delivered the trailer got unhitched the car fell off the trailer it ended up like this but it went on today and it still sold one of the only cars to sell and I went for over four hundred thousand dollars like this who would’ve thought this condition alright guys that is my first experience at the Mecum auctions here at Pebble Beach it’s part of Monterey car week I hope you’ve enjoyed it just as much as I have we’ve had a fantastic time and this is how it works behind the scenes please like the video and subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you next time

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