Things to fill: the gas price increased sharply. Turn on the gas?

Things to fill: the gas price increased sharply. Turn on the gas?


Almost two-month holiday for motorists when fuel prices were down almost daily, over. The reverse process, prices at the gas station started to grow, reports the Ministry of industry.

While it only applies to the liquefied gas has risen in price for the week averaged nearly 70 kopecks./l. Gasoline and diesel fuel while symbolic, 1-3 kopecks./l continued to become cheaper.

What trends to expect this week, told experts: Director of consulting group “A-95” Sergey Kuiun, the Deputy Director of the Scientific-technical center “Psyche” Gennady Ryabtsev and market analyst of liquefied natural gas Artem Kuyun.


Sergey Kuiun said that the price of oil is steadily growing and it has already started to push up wholesale prices for petroleum products.

“Week prices in the opt increased by $ 20-30 per ton, – said Sergey Kuiun. – In retail there was a point reduction of prices on separate networks, but mainly the price tags have not changed. One network, represented in a number of regions, unexpectedly raised gasoline prices in retail almost 80 kopecks./l, which is arithmetically given the increase in the average cost of gasoline in these regions by 5-10 kopecks./l”.

Gennady Ryabtsev said that last week due to rising third week quotes of oil, the growth of prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in wholesale sales. Prices in the opt grew by about 5%, but stocks, particularly diesel fuel, are significant, therefore, the retail network has not yet responded.

“With regard to autogas, in connection with the fact that after the may holidays, formed a shortage of supply of imported gas, the prices went up. They have almost doubled in the opt – from 7500 to 13800 UAH/ton and arithmetically had increased by a quarter in retail for a week. But thanks to the remnants of the resource, prices at retail rose by an average of less than 8%”.

Experts say that the gasoline and diesel oil changes is not worth waiting.

“In the week nor decline or growth of prices, I do not predict, traders will wait – analyzes Sergey Kuiun. But the existing potential of lower prices for retail another 10%, or up to 2 UAH/l, and was not selected. Yes, due to the increase in the wholesale price margin retail will decrease, but it remains large enough to ensure that prices did not grow”.

Gennady Ryabtsev says that the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel at retail for the ensuing week will remain stable as more expensive new batch of oil products will not reach retail. But then the termination of the downtrend, according to him, expect from day to day, although the price increase at first will be small.


With gas the situation is different – there is a steady growth.

“The price of gas will continue to grow at roughly the same pace as last week, to 50 liter per week. It doesn’t, as usual, illegal refueling who can volunteer to go dark – predicts Gennady Ryabtsev. – Illegal aliens are afraid to be in loss due to rapid price growth: existing gas, they can sell retail cheaper than have to buy a new party in the opt”.

Artem Kuyun also confidently predicts rising prices of the petrol. He recalled that in January, gas cost an average of more than 11 UAH/liter, a week ago – 8,4 UAH/liter.

“The next week, the gas can rise by 50 kopecks./l, – tells Artem Kuyun. – Although on the reverse of the trend is difficult to calculate the rate of price increase, but we hoped that it will be more gradual than was actually the case. Growth asked some of the major networks, which in March are very expensive purchased in wholesale lots of gas and are now in a hurry to cover the losses. Growth potential is very high: with the “bottom” price of a litre will rise by 2.5 UAH or above 10.5 UAH/liter”.

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