This App Makes You Drive Fast!

This App Makes You Drive Fast!


I went to LA especially to test a new app that I’d be told would make you drive around the track faster… I wanted to see this for myself. Check out the results here. The new tyres with the sensors are called Pilot Sport Cup 2 Connect. The day didn’t end there, I ended up at the Long Beach Grand Prix where Michelin USA surprised me with a Ford GT driver change and the honour of waving the flag to start the race! What a [email protected] @FordPerformanceFollow me on:Music by:Winners & Losers by Black BoxFueled by Vice by Global Genius#MyMichelinExperience #TrackConnect#AD

all right I got your seatbelt top guys supercoppa landing here in LA I’ve got something awesome to show you these Michelin tires to my left on this Porsche have something in them that no other tires have and I’m going to show you exactly what that is this is really cool these are the Michelin PS cut to connect tires now it gets more techy right because what they’ve done is they’ve got a sensor inside this tire that is going to tell you all about the tire pressure and the temperature of the tires why is that important because if you get the optimum tire pressure it means you’re going to go faster around the track the sensors in the tires connect to this Michelin app we’re going to go around the track now this is super turning I’m gonna call it that’s the technical term turning and when we come back we’re gonna take a look at how the pressure is the temperature of the tires and then change that so that we can actually up the speed going around this track you went out and you did your laps and you came back in and it’s saying seven psi out of the rears two PS other right you go to adjust my pressure and connects to the receiver and now the phone becomes your pressure gauge now you see you not only need to do that three out so you only need to let formal work and it’s also color coded so it’ll go green when you’re into the zone of where the tire needs to be on so how did you know that it needed to come down seven yeah yeah yeah you need to let out six psi so based on the design on the tire and based on the vehicle based on how you drove it yeah to get to where you want to be hi yeah this is what adjustment you need to make for your next run the app connects to the weather database where you are and based on the weather it makes recommendations because it knows it’s going to be warmer or colder in your next session and it will make the recommendation also based on what it thinks though the temperature and the weather will be in the future that is cool so we’re gonna go around all of the different tires now until we get okay on these four boxes and then we’re ready to go around the truck for the second time and that means I’m gonna go faster because all the tires are at the ultimate pressure the pressure is so important because we want to get the ultimate Amer tire touching the road right so it’s very specific sometimes you can have too much tire touching the road and sometimes you can have not enough time touching it based on the pressure you’ve got the ultimate amount of tie are touching the road which means the ultimate amount of grit to go around the truck we make your judgment your run and it connects back to the receiver and now you’re ready for your next session it’s pretty cool because it means that as a non professional driver but someone who loves track days I can get the ultimate experience for me because it’s one thing just looking at the data and going Andre my tire pressures this what does that mean and it’s another thing going the art telling you exactly what that means or what you need to do let’s go second time around so how’d you get on the time I’ve done a number of laughs twice out on the track so this was my first time out on the track and I got one minute 33 then I came back and we adjusted all the tire pressure it told me to go down a notch here down a notch here and I went back out for a few laps and I went down by about 4 seconds if you don’t have to worry about the tires you can worry more about how fast you’re going around the track and that’s what I did the second time around right all right we’ve just come from the track Porsche experience centre over been testing those new tires and now we’re gonna see how the pros do it so michelin is going to get us behind the scenes we’re going to get some incredible experiences today that money cannot buy we’re heading in to the Long Beach Grand Prix what we’re gonna do is have a Ford GT driver switch competition there’s a bathroom on the left okay but you got to just close your eyes for a second I can tell you promise right you’re not running that’s not cheating that’s not cheating whoa whoa whoa we’re getting some action here oh you’re not looking right all right how are you going to put it on over your yes yeah all right guys exciting news these are coming soon this is my Lucy hat of course it matches my Lamborghini Lucy my SB the label hat this is my new label coming out I’m super excited about it and we’re gonna rock it today with the slipper suit that’s good good shot right in here I’m official now Jordan actually I’m goofy so it’s had a bit of practice getting in and out but I’ve just had a look at you get in mine I’ve eaten yours you mean had a try yeah I’ve I’ve driven a Ford GT I’ve been in a few actually since I heard you were the first one that I got into which was awesome but these ones look nothing like you know the standard guys a lot of scaffolding rollcage it’s a little bit more intimidating to get in and out yeah hi how are you hi I’m Ryan I likes me and Richard so basically when you just told us how to get in and out as fast as possible now we’re gonna have a little practice so basically it’s us against the pros so we virtually have no chance at winning but you know it’s good to give him a little boost of confidence when they win right before the race so they’re they’re about to race they’re about to take these cars on the track and they want to win obviously and they’re like you can’t break anything because obviously you break something we’re out of the race before it’s even started so he said the main thing is just do not step on this lip right here otherwise I’ll still be getting out yeah are you well hurry up sixteen point zero nine is that good time that is a great time Wow fifteen seconds and he said that’s a great time all right guys well in 15 come on what do you know what do they do today to drive or get in get out I was like that’s crazy her yeah yeah they got it down they’ve been doing it for years are you ready okay three two one all right I got your seatbelt I think the first time we did driver changes were slower than that don’t you’re not delicate getting out that was cool I like that we need a lot of practice big thanks to the Ford GT team wish you guys the best in the race today this is a big moment I am being escorted to the starting line because they have given me the honor of waving the flag at the start of the race so they’re like right big figure Eight’s that’s all I need to know about this what happens if you like artists do not do well honestly like that’s really bad because this is literally as soon as they see that green flag waving they know to start the race so this is a big job and I can’t screw it up you’re right handed or yes okay so the wind is kind of blowing that way okay I would just be going like this okay if you want to go right now Indian practice oh thank you oh thank you talking a lot it’s okay it did it took a lot of skill you guys that’s the height of my career basically so it’s all downhill from here what can I say it was great but you don’t have to go live on the talk show mantra with Justin I don’t know what we’re gonna talk about but you know what it is it’s it’s what retired racecar drivers who then get fired from TV do your own show I don’t know what I can contribute but you know what I was on the radio for five years so I know how to just keep talking Wow well welcome to a very special edition what we calling this one it’s the talk show host race parties uh triple super monthly as we go to our entire audience I mean you won’t die to sinking you off to the Lewis yeah that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed please give me a quick thumbs up subscribe to my channel I’ve got so much more coming massive thanks to Michelin USA you guys Rock I have had the best experience here in LA thank you very much for now I’m out

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