This Car Is Alive!

This Car Is Alive!


This BMW has reptile looking skin that moves! This is the BMW Vision Next 100 and has some of the coolest features I’ve ever seen in a car!Follow me on:Music by:Agents Take Revenge – Lyle WorkmanAstral Projection – Elevated Mind

what that’s like reptile skin isn’t it good this guy’s pretty cool it’s like it’s breathing what’s up guys supercar blondie here this is the BMW vision next 100 this is what they picture the next 100 years of BMW to involved make sure you join the supercar blondie family just click the subscribe button because we’ve got crazy stuff to show you let’s get straight to it I don’t know if you saw it as it was driving in check this out Christian’s just going to drive back for us a tiny bit thanks Christian and this this is my and this is called alive geometry so what happens is when he turns the wheel obviously because this is all enclosed there needs to be some room here for the wheel to actually turn so as it turns this expands and contracts ZL families that is one of the coolest features on this car I’m here at BMW world here in Munich I flew over here just so that we could take a look at some of their incredible concept cars but come with me guys thank you very much guys this is Christian he is the driver of the vehicle order to open the doors it’s just a sensor here you go like this and obviously like I’ve totally forgotten to point out the obvious which is it’s completely covered in gold like you cannot see inside this car except for the front windscreen become over here open up these doors like look at this how cool is this but it’s just all one colour there’s just just no interruption we’ll just open up these songs as well since it’s like down here right there are some pretty damn cool features on this car so we go around to the front seat actually because that’s where you’re going to see it best okay this has level for autonomy meaning it can drive fully on its own but if you would like to drive it you can so it does have a steering wheel and it has pedals we can actually make this steering wheel completely disappear if you want to in autonomous mode that’s it it’s gone all you see is this little bit of the handle yeah if you push this here it will come back home again and now you’re driving it the other cool thing is when you’re in driving mode all of these lights go red and you see here at the front that little diamond here also goes red now why do i point that out because if you’re in autonomous mode let’s just do the flip that over again see this diamond comes up here and this light here on the front actually starts to flick because if you’re a pedestrian right or if you’re another car on the road you want to know when a car next to you is driving in autonomous mode and a person is not in control of the car so they’ve done that for safety reasons so everyone can be a little bit more cautious around these cars because let’s be honest this is all still quite new technology over the last few years and we are going to be seeing fully autonomous cars driving on the roads in you know a matter of years these little triangle shapes here on the dash you won’t believe what they do what that’s like reptiles in isn’t it pretty cool why does it do this because it’s warning you over an object on the road that maybe you can’t see that’s that they’re like the coolest features in here obviously for seats you’ve got quite like wide bucket seats in the back this is kind of a theme that you see a lot in these autonomous cars that we’re looking to in the future just these massive kind of lounge chair seats because that’s what the the feeling that they want you to get is like sitting in your living room but you’re actually just being driven to the next place okay just before we go this is the back just look at these wings as they come up like I love these doors and this also changes when you’re in driver self-driving mode and autonomous it changes to white you see okay all right give us a quick thumbs up like the video subscribe to the family supercar blondie thank you very very much for joining me a massive thank you to BMW for inviting me here to Munich and taking this vision next 100 out for us here in the garage just to be able to show you they did it for us so a massive massive thank you to them and I’m gonna see you somewhere else in the world with the next crazy crazy car love you I’m out

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