This has not been the Chevrolet Suburban came on the Hollywood walk of fame

This has not been the Chevrolet Suburban came on the Hollywood walk of fame


SUV Chevrolet Suburban became the first vehicle in the world, which has awarded stars on the “walk of fame” in Hollywood. The car does not come with the screens already 67 years old, having to appear in over 1750 films and TV series.

The first film debut of the SUV was held in 1952. Since 1956, the car consistently took part in at least one project per year. In just 67-year-old story Suburban starred in more than 1750 full-length films, TV series, and television shows, with more than 30 paintings with his participation was nominated for various awards.


Dennis McCartney, who is responsible for selection of cars for most Hollywood movies, says a unique Suburban model. According to him, first, the SUV is versatile and suits any character from the villain to the police or exemplary family man. And secondly, notes McCartney, he is able to give the significance of any scene.

“When you see a column of black Suburban, you know that now is not the time to leave a place to buy the popcorn,” he said.

In the filmography of the SUV and includes such famous paintings as “John Wick,” “the transformers,” “Cars,” “the Avengers” or “the Killer”, who chose to participate in the main competition program of the Cannes film festival 2015.

What do you think, do I need to give the cars the stars in Hollywood?

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