This Is America: Road Showdown Ended in Shootout (Video)


The shooting took place as a result of a road disassembly, and before opening fire, the driver of the car warned the motorcyclist that he had children in his car.

Police in the American city of Fort Worth, Texas, have reported that a motorcyclist has died in hospital after being shot by a car driver in an incident on Freeway # 35 (interstate highway).

As follows from the police report, the shooting occurred due to a road conflict that happened on June 22. 19-year-old motorcyclist Jaderek Gray was driving along the road between the lanes at the moment when the driver of a nearby car began to change lanes – and, not noticing, the bike cut him off.

The motorcyclist, angry, stopped the motorcycle in the middle of the road, blocking the movement. After that, he took out a pistol and directed it at the “offender”, began to approach the car. The driver of the car asked to lower the pistol, noting that there were children with him in the car. The biker ignored the request, after which the driver pulled out his pistol and unloaded the entire clip into the attacker.

The identity of the person who protected the lives of his children has not been disclosed, but, according to the authorities, he was not arrested, and the police have no complaints against him. After the incident, he himself called the police, saying that he had shot at the attacker, and further cooperated with law enforcement officers. At the scene, the police found a pistol that the motorcyclist had during the shooting. Several witnesses were also interviewed.

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