This is the “Icon”: the new Ferrari hypercar was filmed

This is the “Icon”: the new Ferrari hypercar was filmed


Since last year, we’ve seen Ferrari testing modified and disguised LaFerrari, a hypercar that was discontinued a few years ago. Now a video of the next prototype has been posted on the Web, and we have new unofficial details about the nature of this model.

According to rumors, the Italians are preparing to replenish the Icona line, which began in 2018 with the release of Monza SP1 and SP2 speedsters, stylized as racing barquette of the middle of the last century, but built on a modern 812 Superfast chassis. Presumably, the source of inspiration for the creators of the new “Icon” was a 1967 Ferrari 330 P4.

The new prototype, which was published on the Varryx YouTube channel, has much more disguise than the previous ones. This is probably not a “mule” anymore, but something close to the final version of the model. Generally speaking, the similarities with the LaFerrari Aperta are still strong, with the side mirrors not fixed at the base of the A-pillars, but rather on the fenders.

According to rumors, the premiere of the hypercar will take place this November as part of the Ferrari Finali Mondiali. The model should receive a proprietary aspirated V12 6.5. On the newest 812 Competizione, it develops 830 hp. and 692 Nm, while the company said that they are already working on a more productive version. In addition, like LaFerrari, the novelty may turn out to be a hybrid, that is, in combination with an electric motor, the total power will easily exceed 1000 hp.

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