This is what you don’t see – behind the scenes!

This is what you don’t see – behind the scenes!


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figured I did like it behind-the-scenes how you go to a shoot and stuff the mess that we live in living out of a stupid suitcase for four weeks I got mine anything I need to go of it like breaking look at this billboard that has attitude if you ain’t nobody don’t at me like this billboard has more attitude than I do piss this is the only thing that kind of gets me up in the morning my Baraka I know you guys don’t often see me like this sorry going a little bit great I’ve got [ __ ] everywhere dying even don’t even don’t even look at the floor at this point this is beyond being so messy I can’t even handle I can’t look at it we’ve got one more day in LA one day pump down awesome view on another cool car and then we’re gonna fly up you’re always so slow I was about to yell at you like oh my god please like Phil mystery of anyone super embarrassed about where you shootin rap Compton yeah actually we are gonna go shoot around Compton today should go say hi to my friends who have fun with the web TV show that was fun actually that episode this is the Bentley Continental GTC I love this projection on the floor it’s convertible so we’re gonna over another really nice feature there’s an air vent here that’s like right at your neck what’s cool is when it’s cold out you just press this button here and now it blows warm air your neck Wow don’t tell my trainer Ivan had a barrier and so long a lot of questions come in actually how do I like keep being fit while I travel so much you’re not I know it’s super hard we’re shooting like sometimes you know 12 14 hours a day you can’t plan where your next meal is going to come from in an hour best burgers horrible fries so this is what happens in the background talking to all of the experts massive team behind what we do all these guys have kindly come out to help us get to know the cars how to drive them what’s so special about them we’ve got one car moving out the back right now and one is going to get ready to drive us around because this car here it’s like super super super quick all of that is gonna come up in a separate vlog I can’t show you exactly what’s happening with your car in this vlog this is kind of behind the scenes what you guys don’t get to see before you actually get to see the car vlog alright who’s joining me you’re gonna hold this yourself all right this is where we cut the behind-the-scenes bit because we’re just about to film with this incredible car and you can go and check that out that vlog is already live the link is in the description underneath it’s man-crazy go check it out all right we’re gonna pick up now in three hours after we start let’s finished filming this and we’ve got Parker coming from vehicle virgins as well and then I think we’re gonna head out and do something else together all right cool catch up

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