This presidential suite includes a Ferrari!!

This presidential suite includes a Ferrari!!


I checked in to the Presidential Suite at the Intercontinental Festival City, Dubai for the weekend! I could choose between driving a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari as part of the stay. A 3 course private meal served by a butler, and a light show were some of the highlights.To book this package go to:Follow me

I don’t know what that dance was but I’m kind of excited and as you can tell are you ready to see a Presidential Suite whoa let’s go I’ve just dropped my bags inside so I’ve had a sneak peek first time I’m ever staying in a Presidential Suite let’s have a look around well okay so this is the bedroom and in here is the bathroom is massive I think this bathroom is bigger than my entire apartment in Dubai look there’s a massive spa sit in the spa and look at this view the other thing I think is really cool is look you’ve got two shower heads in the same shower it’s like a couple shower and then in which photo room have you seen your own private sauna and that’s pretty amazing Wow oh this in here is a walk-in closet look at this this is a whole closet or walk-in not too massive and then you walk through the closet into the kitchen dining room I haven’t ordered anything so I’m not sure hello good thank you how are you I’m very good dining where I showed you a yogi what it’s a cake yes ma’am that’s awesome thank you oh my goodness that’s me on a cake guys how awesome is that just about to go to lunch and when we get back we’re gonna get a super car delivered to the hotel so we’re gonna be driving around Dubai in a Ferrari so when you booked this place you get either a Ferrari or a roll so we chose a Ferrari okay this lunchtime yum-yum-yum there is a young back in she fresh seafood I was assistant nowhere I want this no no no no nine oh my god now I get to choose it’s gorgeous I’ve never seen this before actually it makes between the key in fat sounds nice it does sound really nice sounds very gutter food very fruity should we see namitha of this experience come to Dubai stay in a presidential suite and drive around so anything anyone can do this really yeah for how much it’s like well it depends on the time of the year right starts from like a thousand bucks a night 3700 Gary yes yeah but that’s not just a Robert – whoo – it would cost you more to rent just the Ferrari yeah and yet you get the Presidential Suite and the Ferrari and and then a private going and private dining which we’re going to get later on tonight we’re gonna get a butler come and serve us in our room we get the Ferrari we get the Presidential Suite I don’t understand how that can happen you know it’s time for dinner just walked in do you know table is prepared oh my goodness look at that breadbasket you kidding me alright what’s better than watching a movie I have any dinner serve to your suite righto I was watching that movie that’s part of having the Presidential Suite experience you get to watch TV while you eat your meal turn the movie back on your yeah this is the entree steak oh my god I’m so hungry yesterday we had a Ferrari today’s version of a Ferrari is telling the expectations here you go Joey so what’s happening today is yesterday we had the connoisseur package which included the Ferrari with the Presidential Suite today is the Couture life meaning that feeling amazing feeling amazing hunter feeling it after the end the day so we’ve got the Presidential Suite for another night and then Kelly comes in and takes me shopping so personal consultant styling shopping and then you get your hair and makeup done at the end of the day so that’s what’s happening today and that’s what’s a part of these kids though okay Kelly how did you find this how do you like to see like what would you call this Kelly this is even style or is this just like you know it’s my question to use this is meeting someone for the first time yeah they could be wearing one outfit Vivat is that typical yes style this is major a short trousers and a t-shirt yeah and the next question is are you happy with that yes people asked for starting things you already have a sensation very happy but the thing is what would you be in unhappy with what would you like to change or what Jason Han I just want more nicer pieces okay so when I go shopping I’m just like yeah that shirt will do that she’ll do that sort of do and then you know in a month’s time they look old one I’d rather get like more expensive pieces that last longer and look better yeah just to elevate what I’m wearing but you just want your followers your fans one please comment below what do you want me to weigh oh you want me to drive do you work with the face as well or as beautiful how could you improve no that’s a cop what do you guys think it’s a whole new mean every single piece I know I love back and femininity okay oh yeah but it’s still edgy whoa whoa it’s amazing just recovering from the shopping experience we are at the pool now just for a couple of hours and then we’re gonna go to the show imagine this is out Lazer’s show you can see like a melon that’s it that’s the light show down there Festival City by the Intercontinental I’ve heard such an amazing amazing weekend fake we like seeing the presidential suite staying please like and subscribe I don’t see you guys the next log

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