This Rare Porsche Has No Roof | Bergspyder

This Rare Porsche Has No Roof | Bergspyder


This is the Porsche Bergspyder and it’s the only Bergspyder ever made. This super rare Porsche has no roof and only has 1 seat. It’s one of the coolest cars in the world and today we’re gonna see why this car is so special.Thanks to @Porsche You can follow Supercar Blondie on:…

when have you ever seen a porsche with no roof hardly any windscreen and only one seat this right here is called the boxster bag spider how freaking cool is this a massive thank you to porsha for bringing this car to us here in dubai so we can share it with you on the supercar blondie channel i hope you guys love this video please give it a quick like and subscribe to my channel we get access to the coolest cars ever now right here is just one seat right so what is here what is here and how do you access it you would never guess this right here you think yeah okay well you’re gonna fill it up well actually you can but what’s this right here all right i’ve been practicing this this is my big moment let’s see if it works oh my god i can’t i can’t do it i give up can you please do it yeah let me get in there ready yeah okay ah you did it you did it the door opened unbelievable all right now the world don’t move all right now this reveals what is hidden underneath there we go an empty compartment what it’s there for is to you know store extra passengers like your kids they could fit in there if you had an ugly date you could pop them in there too you know i’m just kidding you just wouldn’t even say yes to the date all right so this is actually a compartment for your helmet and like luggage whatever you want to put down there just don’t put your kids in there all right you heard it here on the supercover on the channel don’t put your kids in this compartment anyway you’re not going to be able to because there’s only one of these cars in the world and it’s right here back in 1968 porsche made a car called the 909 bag spider and that car was the lightest racing car ever to exist get this it weighed only 384 kilos if you just compared to like the average like boxster on the road today it’s about 1.4 tons all right so this is a super super light racing car fast forward to 2015 they made this car the boxster bag spider and what they wanted to do is really pay homage to that racing car so make this car as lightweight as possible and have the highest power to weight ratio porsche actually wanted to bring this car into production and have people like you and me buy this car and drive this around that would have been so cool but they came to the conclusion that it was too difficult in some countries to get the licenses etc to have a car like this on the road so they actually scratch the project this car lives in the porsche museum it hardly ever goes out so i’m so so lucky to get my hands on this today why is it called the bag bag actually means mountain in german what this car was originally made for back in the 60s was actually um hill climbing races so it kind of makes sense so this actually debuted this car right here in 2019 at a hill climb race at a championship race this is how you open the driver’s side you just pull that straight out oh i got that one didn’t need any help look at me all right here we go so you might recognize some familiar elements like this seat right here the technology was taken from the 918 spider so that kind of really lightweight bucket seat and also here like some technology and ideas was also taken from the 918 for this car i am actually here on the track here at dubai autodrome and i’m actually going to be able to drive this car which is insane i believe i’m only the fourth person in the world to drive this car which is crazy crazy crazy when do you ever get to drive a one-off car on the track like never except for the day it’s gonna happen cue epic music as i put my glasses on it’s manual so clutch in haven’t done that in a while all right ready this sounds epic you guys epic you won’t believe it ready no listen to this that’s not what most porsches sound like not road cars anyway wow so it’s a 3.8 liter a boxer engine with almost 390 horsepower it sounds incredible who are these tiny people yeah excuse the sweat rolling down my face it is getting much cooler in dubai but not cool enough not to be sweaty oh my goodness there we go thank you there are a few flies around you see this few of them are going to end up in my mouth you’re going to have to drive like this oh that’s fun that was so cool oh my god you can just feel all the air in your you can hear it from the engine because you’re not enclosed oh so much fun thank you guys so so much for letting me get behind the wheel of this amazing car thank you to porsche um and also i wish you guys put this into production i would totally buy this car i think it’s great and also i can chuck nick in the side here and and things will be perfect would you work here with that no no all right love you guys i hope you enjoyed the vid bye we’re out you

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