This SUV transforms! Renault Morphoz

This SUV transforms! Renault Morphoz


This is the Morphoz from Renault. It’s a fully electric SUV that transforms from a city car to a travel car within seconds. The back and the front of the car extends by 40cm to allow for an extra battery pack to be fitted, giving the car more range and more power for longer trips. The elongated version of the car also provides more space for luggage and leg room for back passengers. The most beautiful car in the world! Follow me on:#morphoz #renault

what’s up guys supercouple under here in Paris I literally just flew in last night we’ve got an amazing car plan for you today and we’re on our way there right now it’s pretty cool came out look look look at Lee it’s like I can pull the TV up here well ah there’s me on screen exciting stuff are your favorite channels oh my favorite whenever I’m not filming YouTube I’m watching my own YouTube great today isn’t it we’re gonna hope for some led off in the rain so that we can take this car outside and give it a bit of a go this is always the the problem is shooting in Europe Dubai it’s always sunny we come over here and we just have to pray for a break in rain so that we can get our shoot done this car behind us is crazy alright this car does something that you’ve never seen a car do before watch what happens boom now you have an elongated version of the same car that’s greatly so now what you can do is you can fit in a whole extra battery pack their idea is they would have these little platforms renault platforms around the city where you just drive onto the platform in a matter of seconds your battery pack will be placed into the car and off you go again which gives you more power and extra range it goes from 400 kilometer range to 700 kilometer range now you can take those family trips like weekend trips away etc and then in the back what it’s done is this whole part has extended out which gives you more leg room for the passengers backseat passengers and now you can fit in two more suitcases in the back this is a car from Renault as you can see here and it’s actually called morphus see how they have this really bright yellow color here they’ve done that on purpose because that’s the way you can see that this car actually moves if everything was in silver or black you would never notice that the tail end moves at all same with this thing here this comes out and then disappears when the back end moves in around here on the front look this is where everything is being cooled they’ve actually put these events in here that actually works to call the radio and radiator and then the radiator calls all the batteries and the working bits and pieces that go into an electric motor right they actually have a ruler here on top of the car that shows you just how much it’s extended by this front section extends by 25 centimeters and then the back extends by another 15 centimeters okay should we get in how you get into this car it has facial recognition that’s it’s this bit right here and then it also has gesture control to open up the door so it just got to do this okay come look at this we’ll open up the back because this is quite cool they’re using this kind of graphic art again here inside if you look at the floor from this direction my direction you’ve got a black floor and then you go around the other way and you’ve got a completely yellow floor on top they’re actually made of recycled yogurt cups they’re thinking of reusable materials for the future when this car is in its long form version look what happens to the front passenger seat it’s now facing the back passengers now this isn’t a new concept we have seen this before where the chair does turn to face the back passengers but I’ve never seen it actually just flip upside down and this part here where your legs were is now actually your headrest that’s quite a cool maneuver I think and what they’re trying to do here is on longer trips you can kind of have more of a family feel you can sit here and chat to your kids or chat to your mates when you’re on these long trips okay there’s more cool stuff watch this wood here this whole panel is made of wood I’m going to show you what that does look what this wood can do so the wood kind of like sucks your phone into the car which is quite cool I’ve never seen that happen before either so what happens is it recognizes your phone and then this whole front panel opens up so you can either have it in this very discreet kind of form with nothing there or up this you’ve got multiple screens in front of you now this actually connects to your calendar and your agenda in your phone and it then knows exactly what you’re doing that day we’re gonna go for a drive in a sec but I just want to show you my view this is how it looks you’re in the path in the driver’s seat this is the steering wheel it looks kind of cool it’s got these little lights kind of Star Trek lights everything can be controlled on the steering wheel you’ve got nothing else here other than your phone and that’s it just an accelerator and a brake pedal this car actually drives I’m gonna take it out just for a little bit of a spin like in any medium by anyone all right okay parking neutral and then into drive okay off you go the flows a bit squeaky because we’re in a design studio outside now now the car has a range of 700 kilometers and it also has more power from the extra batteries that have been fitted down here look I can see its reflection here it’s sexy I really like it now Lawrence is here the head of design feretto hi how are you nice to see you good to see you here yeah in a new concept car I’m here surprised sir Lawrence is the chief designer at Renault and one of the job descriptions is to match your shoes to the car of the day which he has beautifully done I can’t believe you do that well it takes a lot of work you know it’s actually harder work than doing the car that’s why he rocks up at midday every day so he must have matching his shoes last time we were with Lawrence we’re actually checking out the Renault Tresor if you haven’t yet seen that video go check it out if you haven’t seen it you are missing out guys the title of that video is the most beautiful car in the world and it is so go click on that video the link to the video is in the description just underneath this video go check it out right after this alright so here we are in your yeah and us baby themed office yeah and it kind of does what it says on the tin it morphs like it’s madness yeah because the families are changing so often today’s we thought about a car that can change according to the need so you have no restrictions if you’re on a long trip you add some batteries you need some more luggage space you want some more space actually to enjoy and and share each other’s company yeah if you’re in a town and you’re hustling around you just want to have a compact car you don’t need to slap all these batteries around because they’re very heavy right and in that sense you can have the best of both worlds you know Poros is actually two cars in one this actually is a I suppose the screen that everyone can use if you’re on longer trips right kind of in Spain we’re using the interior living materials you know when you store your cell phone you see that the wood actually folds down if you touch the wood you know there’s light that actually appears and then we have this is the extended mode where you can actually do several things so we have here you know again maybe if you remember when you were young that we played a pong endlessly for hours of this awesome yeah this is kind of a tongue-in-cheek a play on everything you know today it’s all artificial intelligence etc but I wish as kids we did actually have some entertainment like this song on trips exact there was nothing yeah so you can have music and we tried to make it look like you’ve flipped through your albums you know and you can put you can play the music you like that’s cool in any case this whole interior is trying to adapt itself it it stretches us out for it for a long-term trip but it can also you know it has an artificial intelligence it kind of figures out where you want to go and it proposes you stuff on the road so if you’re out of ideas if you say where the hell are we you know what can we do here it can actually suggest you things and this is what we expect to happen more and more that the car becomes intelligent like the car becomes more and more human we have a human centric approach in our design right so the car is becoming your partner and you know your partner in crime if you will that’s cool more and more we want to also show off that this is not a just a very sustainable carbon that you can also see it and feel it as a customer so all these materials these textiles they are made with fabrics that are very low in terms of water usage okay the recycled materials for the flooring is recycled plastics you know the seat belts everything we think there’s a real part to play to to give people not only to know that their car is very co2 friendly but actually it’s actually touch and feel it you know right to give you this experience right talk to me about this story because I can see the rim kind of overlaps some of the the tire so obviously we always want the the rims to look as big as possible yeah you know we try to make the design look very big so we put a lot of the mass on the outside of the wheel but we can also in this case extend the wheel beyond the normal rim yeah and this is really great because then the reel looks enormous yeah it’s actually helping aerodynamics because it’s very flush you know it’s everything is completely fluid right between the surface and the surface exactly so you don’t have air that is creating all kinds of this disturbances what I think is really cool about this is it does look cool in both versions long and short how do you even do that because it’s a challenge just to get one car one car looking good isn’t it but you design to causing one yeah because normally we work really hard to get every you know line exactly where we want it to be and then we’re quite happy and relieved if we manage to know this car is moving yeah so it actually plays plays with your impressions when when the car is short it’s actually a bit more aggressive and it feels like it could you know get through the urban jungle really well right you know and and I think it has that kind of machine without the indicator just like the whole car is this bundled up muscle you know yeah whereas if it’s long you want it stretched and you want just like you know like the TGV that I speak train right you know that just slices through the air right we have both characters in this view yeah it’s very cool if you talk to the concept car builders this was by far the most difficult like listen guys gonna make a big car now you have to shorten it like by 40 centimeters go living screen comes out yeah there were in certain instances there was only 2 millimeter of play you know between one piece moving in the other so it’s not just the concept car slept together this is really you know high-tech high precision work to make this all come together so the concept car guys haven’t slept in two years basically right no yeah well it’s it’s fantastic I really congratulate you guys massive thank you to Lauren’s for coming down the head of design here at Renault you can actually go follow him and get like the inside scoop on all the Renault new Renault designs here that is his hand or give him a follow so you guys know exactly what’s happening and a massive thank you to Renault as well for organizing all of this today for us to see and to you guys for watching I love you guys so much yeah I think we’re out all right that’s it fight love yeah

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