This Toyota Land Cruiser with portal axles will cope with any terrain

This Toyota Land Cruiser with portal axles will cope with any terrain

Australian tuning Studio Patriot Off Road Campers (abbreviated as PCOR) showed supertuner LC79, created on the basis of the Toyota Land Cruiser. The company’s portfolio already have a few similar projects, but this time the owner was asked to do something different from all the others.

New really stands out among other LC90, and not only because of the bright blue color of the body. In the video from PCOR, the authors said that she got the portal axles, by which the axle and the differential was able to move higher in the frame and thereby increase the ground clearance. Clearance the result was so great that the SUV could be equipped with 35-inch wheels.

In addition to the upgraded suspension, the car has received aluminum cargo Bay with lots of different drawers and trays for storage. Under it there is three fuel tanks with a total capacity of 290 litres. Front and rear winch mounted to the car could pull out in case he gets stuck.


On the sides are the stairs to the driver and passengers are able to comfortably get into the salon, and on the roof there are just two of a number of bright LEDs in addition to the usual standard headlights.

Since this project was custom made, his final price was not disclosed, but the site tuning Studio other supertenere LC79 cost about 78 thousand dollars at the current rate. Given that portal axles are expensive, the cost of this project, rather, is closer to the mark 86 – 94 thousand dollars.

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