This upgraded BMW Z4 M40i got 435 HP from the tuner Dahler

This upgraded BMW Z4 M40i got 435 HP from the tuner Dahler

Tuning company from Germany has introduced a two-level increase of power for the BMW Z4 Roadster M40i. I must say that this car already has 382 “horses” and 500 Nm of torque. Dynamic characteristics are unfortunately not announced.

A recent test showed that the Z4 Roadster in version M40i has more power than officially claimed by the automaker, but that doesn’t stop people complaining about the decision to exclude the BMW lineup is full Z4 M. For those who are hard to please, always have the opportunity to speak to the tuning companies. If you want to inline six-cylinder motor could give you more power and torque then this is exactly what you need.

Standard M40i BMW Z4 has a 3.0 litre engine producing 382 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. German tuner Dahler ready to offer some improved power of this car. For starters, the capacity will increase to 402 HP (620 Nm), at the same time is removed the speed limiter. Stage 2 raises the output values to 435 HP (640 Nm).

Unfortunately, the tuner says nothing about how the increase in power increased the productivity, but, undoubtedly, this upgraded BMW Z4 may show acceleration to first “hundred” is much less than 4.4 seconds, display the standard version of the car. And the maximum speed is clearly above 250 km/h.

The “charged” Roadster got a brand new round exhaust pipes BMW M. For additional effect has been added to the edge of the spoiler on the front bumper, while standard wheels were replaced with wider 21-inch set of alloys and tyres from Michelin offered thin.

Complete change of the springs, lowering the suspension to the road. Alternatively, customers can choose a hanging pendant, adjustable for height and hardness.

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