This weekend could decide the fate of the championship in Formula 1

This weekend could decide the fate of the championship in Formula 1


Next weekend will be held 17-th stage of world championship Formula 1 on the track “Suzuka” in Japan. Exactly Lewis Hamilton, coming with a separation from the nearest competitor by 73 points at the end of the race will remain in first place in the individual Competition. This means that the upcoming stage will be his hundredth rank of leader. Before this milestone of 100 races on the top of the standings surrendered only Michael Schumacher.


In General, the statistics of the races in Japan favorable for pilots “Mercedes”, because in 2014 all qualifying and race on the “Suzuka” won only the racers of this team. The upcoming Grand Prix is also very important for the German team, because if the competitors from Ferrari and Red bull don’t pull their socks, then in the upcoming race, the German team will be able to celebrate the sixth row to win and in the Cup of Designers and Individual championship. In this case, disassembly for the title will go between the pilots “Mercedes” Valteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton.

Since the transition in 2014 to the turbo and the new technical regulations, which plays a huge role system ERS (formerly KERS), the team of “Mercedes” has no equal. This weekend she will once again confirm his superiority, but because competitors are not ready to surrender, besides the intrigue into the race adds a weather forecast, which promises rain on the day of arrival. Well, apparently, fans of “Formula” is waiting for an exciting race.

By the way, did you know that the KERS system used on wind farms in Scotland? And engineers “Formula” are the creators of the huge number of technologies that were later used not only on race cars, but also in everyday life? Interested? Read more in our article.

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