Three in one fell swoop: new cross-universal from “daughter” Renault

Three in one fell swoop: new cross-universal from “daughter” Renault


The Romanian subsidiary of Renault, the company Dacia, is preparing for the premiere of budget cross-wagon. In the range Dacia model will replace the Logan MCV station wagon and compact van Lodgy. It is expected that doobjednat Dacia differ seven-seat cabin and will share a platform with the “third” Logan. In the future, the novelty can become the successor of “Largus”.

The French newspaper L Argus argues that cross-universal under the brand Dacia will be based on a simplified platform CMF-B Renault-Nissan Alliance and repeat technique Logan third generation. Estimated new length – 4.5 meters.

It is believed that Renault is unhappy with the low demand for the utilitarian compact MPV Dacia Lodgy, so his successor may surprise stylish bodywork and unusual for the “public sector” appearance. At the same time raised the wagon will keep the practicality of the Logan MCV, three-row interior and the possibility of transformation salon Lodgy. For parent company Renault production of the new model will reduce costs, since two products will be replaced by one.


The line of power units of the cross-the universal Dacia will probably repeat the new Logan and Sandero: in the debut of docobject will be equipped with petrol turbo engine 1.0 and 1.3 TCe and the 1.5 dCi turbodiesel. Later range can replenish the hybrid version of E-Tech, consisting of gasoline “atmosfernika” 1.6, two electric motors and a three-shaft gearbox without clutch and synchronizers.

In Europe 7-seater raised docobject under the brand Dacia will arrive in 2021. Insiders predict the starting price at the current level Lodgy (about 14 thousand euros), and hence the cross-universal will be about 1500 euros more than the base version of Duster.

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