Three wheels, two batteries, one scooter: Microletta

Three wheels, two batteries, one scooter: Microletta


Switzerland-based Micro Mobility has unveiled a three-wheeled electric scooter with a stylish retro look.

The main feature of the Microletta electric scooter is the ability to tilt when cornering. The idea is not new, the first experiments in this direction began about 100 years ago. But for some reason, there are still not a lot of electric vehicles made according to this scheme.

The three-wheeled electric scooter Microletta is equipped with a 3000 W electric motor, which allows it to reach a maximum speed of about 80 km / h. In this case, the speed value can be limited to 45 km / h, so that in accordance with the legislation Microletta passes like a moped.

The device is completed with two easily replaceable batteries, which provide a power reserve of about 100 km. The batteries can be taken out to charge at home (this will take about 4 hours) or exchanged at stations for fully charged ones. At the same time, there is still space under the seat for luggage: you can put an open helmet or a small backpack there.

The timing of the start of production of the Microletta electric scooter has not yet been announced, but it is already known that the retail price for it will be about 4800 Euro.

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