Tim Cook shares Apple’s plans for electric cars

Tim Cook shares Apple’s plans for electric cars


The project of Apple’s first electric car is still alive, despite the difficulties that follow one after another. The smartphone maker continues to work in the field of self-driving cars.

Tim Cook told about this in an interview with the journalist of The New York Times. According to him, autonomy technologies are the leading ones today. And Apple has its own vision of what a self-driving car might look like.

At the same time, Tim Cook evaded a definite answer whether Apple is working on a car or is simply developing unmanned technologies. He replied quite floridly that the company loves to explore new things and make their developments real.

In general, experts have long been expecting that Apple will engage in the automotive business: as an independent automaker or as a technology supplier to other automakers. So, back in 2019, the company bought the Promising startup Drive.ai, which specializes in drones. Apple also now employs several former Tesla employees.

Recall that earlier Apple tried to negotiate partnerships with leading automakers.

But these negotiations were not crowned with success: potential partners did not like the fact that the future car will carry Apple nameplates.

In the meantime, it became known that Xiaomi could release its own electric car in 2023. Moreover, the cars are assembled at the plant of the Chinese carmaker Great Wall.

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