Tinting car detailing center VIT-AVTO

Tinting car detailing center VIT-AVTO


Tinted glass – one of the most popular modifications for car, mainly due to practicality and low price. Tinted glass gives the car a premium and stylish look, protect the driver from UV rays during the warmer time of the year and help to keep you warm in the winter. Properly chosen and installed window tinting can last more than 10 years. With the installation of tinted glass you must first consider the expertise of the masters who will be responsible for the selection of the material and the work. If you are in need of car tinting in Kiev, to order a service and know the price is in the company VIT-AVTO.


The company operates on the market for over 5 years and serves 1000+ clients each year. 73% of visitors VIT-AVTO come back for additional services and recommend to others. The company provides a 10 year warranty for their services and materials. The latter deserve special attention, as VIT-AVTO performs the shading only official metallic films Lumar and Santek. Both manufacturers of the United States, that allows to guarantee the highest quality of materials at reasonable prices. Customers VIT-AVTO appreciate the services of the company – the rating is 4.20 on 45 reviews.

Why to tint a car?

Properly done tinting provides the owner many advantages:

  • Tinted windshield and front glass to protect driver’s eyes from the sun’s glare and high beam cars traveling towards.
  • The protection of the interior from ultraviolet radiation. Metallic film filters out 99% of harmful UV light and helps to keep your interior intact. Thanks to the toning, the materials used in the car do not fade with time.
  • Tinting protects the interior from overheating, facilitating the work of the air conditioner of your car. In the cold season, tinted glass less prone to icing.
  • Tinted glass reduces the risk of scattering of glass fragments during an accident. Since the tinting is a thin film which is applied on the glass of the car, the tinted Windows do not scatter upon impact, greatly increasing safety during collisions. Such glass is also harder to break intentionally, that protects the car from thieves.
  • Tinted glass hides occupants from prying eyes.

The choice of toning is to take into account the percentage of light transmission of the film. VIT-AVTO offers options in 5%, 15%, 20%, 30% and 50%, but remember that the windshield and front glass needs to provide a complete overview, and therefore can not be too dark. When choosing a % light transmission of these glasses, keep in mind the sharpness of your vision and your driving experience. The driver must clearly distinguish between the road and surrounding objects in the twilight and at night and avoid overexertion. VIT-AVTO encourages safe driving, so the company is not recommended to set excessively dark tinting on the front windshield.

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