Tips for renting a car in Europe


Europe is a storehouse of architectural and historical heritage, but lovers of outdoor activities (amusement parks, clubs, festivals and events) will also find something to do. Route planning starts with purpose and ends with a choice of convenient ways of transportation. Public transport, despite the usual stereotype of residents of the CIS is the cheapest and easiest way to get to the selected location. Experienced travelers have long practiced a rental car in Europe, as well as share useful information about all the “pitfalls” of such a procedure.

Key requirements for booking a car

Although there are hundreds of different rental organizations both international and local formats, shared list of requirements for car rental, often, identical. What is required from the driver and what conditions should be indicated in advance by booking a rental car:

  • The lease is registered in the name of the driver, which at the time of signing of the document should be 19 years. Driving experience – at least 1 year. At the same time, passing the minimum requirements, you should not rely on the machine above the economy class.
  • Law – adopt domestic identity of any sample (laminated, paper, plastic), but not in all countries. If the trip is not a one-time – experienced travelers are recommended to arrange an IDP (international driving permit).
  • Passport and credit card in the driver’s name – item required. Rarely accept cash, and debit cards and does not fit. Need it is the credit card, preferably registered, with a sufficient limit for the reservation Deposit.
  • Insurance – bulwark of safety of tourists outside their home country. Not necessarily to make a batch insurance in the rental organization, but, if the experience of traveling in Europe is small, is a convenient option.
  • Amenities – everything that will make the journey comfortable. This includes additional services such as a navigation system, a router in the car, the second driver, baby seat if necessary.

Savings are also possible, for this is sufficient to refuse additional services and instead of Navigator to use the online card in the smartphone. The details of the lease, the intricacies of contracts and features rent to be advised additionally, the selected organization.

Where to go – a review of the cost

Having personal transport, you can choose absolutely any destination in Europe – all depends on the purpose of travel. Rent a car only looks expensive because you can immediately see the final price. If we count the cost of public transport and excursions, the difference will be pleasantly surprised. Do not forget also about saving time. Therefore, to take a car rental in Europe (for example, with the EconomyBookings) – profitable, rational and easy.

If the planned trip will be the first is wise to visit the next country. Despite the fact that Warsaw is the capital of Poland, to inspire the spirit of the country, to experience culture and heritage, tourists from all over the world travel to Krakow. More popular destinations – Budapest, Athens, Istanbul, Prague. It is noteworthy that the European continent can be laid completely driving route, not exchanged for flights or transplant.

Refueling and Parking in Europe

The use of Parking places and filling stations requires a minimum knowledge of the English language. But the interface is intuitive machines, so no problems. What you need to know about Parking and gas stations in Europe:

  • knowledge of signs paid Parking will help to save finances;
  • tourist town very often offer free Parking on the weekend;
  • shopping centers – the opportunity to leave the car parked without spending indefinitely;
  • automated pay Parking machines, gas stations at night are in self-service mode.

Fines in Europe are quite high, especially considering the currency in which they are issued, so a useful tip: keep the deadline of Parking tickets, pay Parking in a timely manner.

What else you need to know when renting

Details of the contract – an important feature of rental cars. Much easier to draw up documents in their native language, so booking transport costs in international organizations or through the site aggregator. At that time, an-speaking support. To book a car, especially in the season are recommended. Before signing the papers you should carefully inspect the vehicle and to capture even minor defects. The study of SDA is selected for country travel – help for a safe journey.

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