Tired of waiting, have a drink!

Tired of waiting, have a drink!


It turns out that there is a special fund in which each dealer can receive money for “gifts”.

The Bronco SUV is incredibly popular and has a long queue: the manufacturer has collected 125,000 orders. Customers will have to wait and be nervous, which Ford cannot tolerate. After considering how to reassure customers, the company offered it a tried and tested remedy.

According to Cars Direct, there is a special fund to which every official dealer has access. In short, from there you can take a thousand dollars and buy gifts for those customers who are very unhappy with such a long wait. Also, this money can be spent on presents for those who already have a Bronco in their hands, but are dissatisfied with the quality of its assembly.

At the same time, the manufacturer himself recommended to dealers what exactly to buy for customers. Along with predictable products such as car accessories and options, alcoholic beverages are also mentioned.

The idea is somewhat surprising, since it is close to the field of drunk driving. Nevertheless, we have contacted representatives of the company for clarification, but so far there has been no response. And if the wait is too long, then we know what to do …

The return of the Bronco was supposed to be a big moment for Ford, and it was. Then the covid came, and the whole world was in chaos. The automotive industry is experiencing great difficulty in supplying microchips, which has caused almost every model to stall on the assembly line.

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