Tires taught to produce electricity

Tires taught to produce electricity

Japanese company Sumitomo has developed a new technology of “smart” tire that allows you to generate electricity during rotation of the wheel. This will provide additional power electronics.

According to the authors of the development, on the inside of the tire is set to the device that the company calls “a collector of energy.” When the vehicle is moving, this device converts static electricity into energy during each deformation of the tire.

The number of collected energy enough to charge the battery of an electric vehicle or even for power optics, but it is enough to maintain the operation of the sensors, for example pressure sensor in the tires.

This technology company has developed together with the Professor of the Department of engineering from Kansai University Hiroshi Tani. Thanks to the support of the Japan science and technology center, Sumitomo will continue to study the concept of “smart tire” once to launch them into production.

Four years ago, Goodyear was already introduced similar technology, then in Geneva has shown the bus, which themselves were able to generate electricity. In addition, the bus could vary depending on the type of pavement, releasing or opposite podkachivaya air. But then the company did not want to continue the development of bus shown only as a prototype and to strengthen its position in the market.