To replace all minibuses of Kiev on buses need 15 billion hryvnia, – Deputy head of the KSCA

To replace all minibuses of Kiev on buses need 15 billion hryvnia, – Deputy head of the KSCA


The purchase and equipment of buses, which would replace all minibuses in Kiev, will require UAH 15 billion.

As the CFTS writes with reference to Economic Truth, such a statement was made by the Deputy Chairman of the Kiev City State Administration Konstantin Usov.

According to the official, in order to replace all minibuses on the streets of the city, it is necessary to purchase at least 1,000 full-size buses. New buses will cost UAH 10 billion, another UAH 5 billion will be needed to equip the production base.

Usov called such an amount at one time “unaffordable” for the city and added that international financial institutions could not have allocated money for this either.

At the same time, according to Usov, private carriers need at least UAH 6 billion to renew their fleet.

Therefore, now the conditions in the capital’s minibuses will be changed by new standards – at tenders, carriers promise to choose only those who meet the new requirements of the city.

“Alternatively, carriers can go to Luxembourg, Berlin and buy not new, but full-fledged and high-quality transport there. It will be many times better than rusty tin cans,” Usov said.

As a reminder, in May it was reported that Kiev intends to introduce a new standard for passenger transportation instead of minibuses. Then Konstantin Usov said that among the new conditions – ensuring greater accessibility of buses for passengers with limited mobility and people with disabilities, prohibiting sound and visual pollution, the presence of at least 5 special stop buttons on demand, equipping the cabin with air conditioning, heating systems and additional space for transportation less than one wheelchair, stroller or bicycle.

Among other innovations, there is an automatic announcement of stops in Ukrainian and English, which will be duplicated on an electronic board inside and outside the cabin, so that information is available to people with visual impairments. The salons will also be equipped with e-ticket validators and GPS systems.

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