To restore the lost rights will be online

To restore the lost rights will be online


Everyone knows that in Ukraine to drive a car without a license is prohibited at the legislative level. However, there are times when the right was stolen or the driver was simply lost. What to do in this case?

The government tries to make life easier for motorists. Now, in case of loss or theft of driver’s license, will not need to stand in long lines service centers. You can recover them online, according to Government portal.


Order new law will be through the electronic office of the driver or through the Single state portal of administrative services. However, this service will be only those drivers who have received the rights after 1 January 2013.

We will note that earlier the Cabinet approved a pilot project that will allow not to carry license and registration with you. They can be present on the smartphone. To order your e-driving license and registration certificate to download to the smartphone mobile app “Da” and to pass electronic identification. Documents will be configured automatically if all the information in the information system of the Ministry of interior (data about the driver, including pictures, and the place of registration of the vehicle).

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