To the delight of motorists: the prices at gas stations continue to fall

To the delight of motorists: the prices at gas stations continue to fall


A nationwide network of filling stations “BRSM-Nafta” and Sun Oil on the weekend from 17 to 21 April – reduced prices of gasoline and diesel fuel in the regions of its presence, ranging from 20 liter to 1 UAH/litre.

Sun Oil in some regions have reduced prices by 50 kopecks/liter, up to 21,49 UAH/l for gasoline a-92 and diesel fuel and 22,49 UAH/l for gasoline a-95. For example, in the Kiev region prices are reduced from 1 UAH/liter, to 20.99–21,99 UAH/liter.


“BRSM-Nafta” lowered the price of diesel by 20-50 kopecks./l depending on the region: for example, in Kiev – by 20 kopecks./l, to 19.79 UAH/l, in Cherkasy region – 50 kopecks./l, to 19.49 UAH/liter. the price of petrol was reduced from 30 kopecks./l, for example, in Vinnytsya and Sumy oblasts, to 1 UAH/l in Kyiv and Cherkasy.

According to the monitoring of “A-95”, retail prices continue to reduce network Motto and mapco, lowering them on average by 20-25 kopecks./l.

Weekend reduced prices and regional networks – Poltava “avtotrans” Odessa “Katral” and Zhytomyr “Factor”. So the price of DT stations “Factor” has fallen by 20 kopecks./l, to 18.30 UAH/l, which is the minimum level among all networks are subject to monitoring.

Over the past week (10-17 April), the average price of fuel at filling stations decreased by 60 kopecks./l. So on the morning of April 16 on 50 kopecks./l reduced the prices of OKKO and WOG that in the afternoon of the network of the group “Privat” said a decrease of 1 UAH/liter.


Earlier it was reported that during the last and earlier this week the price of petrol and diesel fuel reduced aggressive companies operating in the economy segment. In the first place “BRSM-Nafta”, the Motto, “Avantage”, the Mango. In particular, in the capital region, prices of diesel and petrol A-92 in these networks is below 20 UAH/liter.

The experts of “Consulting group A-95” expect gasoline and diesel fuel will continue to become cheaper in the retail segment, however the limiting factor is the fall in retail sales in a quarantine on average 30-40%.

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