To the typical crunch – skill Parking


Probably each of us drivers, at least once in my life heard that expression. In every yard there is a wise elder, looking down on the process of your Melania the wheel while Parking. Podmahivaet this palm and no no Yes and says: “ come on Come on, to the characteristic crunch”.

Kind of “jokes for three hundred.”

Fortunately progress does not stand still, and coined in the late 70-ies of the last century “sensors”, although it remains most popular, but has evolved into a wide variety of assistive Parking systems. But did it benefit the work of engineers?

The British brand offers Gazer to understand, and to sensors or circular review of that cooler?

Spoiler – both are good, factual material below;)

As in any battle, a short introduction of the participants not hurt.

Parktronic (Parking radar), the founder of electronic Parking systems and works on the principle of sonar. Sensor send the ultrasonic signal reflected from the obstacle is taken by the same sensor. The control unit processes the signal and outputs to the driver the distance to, for example, of the curb. As a real example, consider Gazer PA45R screen Gazer PAD20 which perfectly proved themselves in operation. Key benefits: support one or two Parking systems (separate front, rear or both), the indication of obstacles in the form of the graphics card separately for the front and rear systems, you specify the distance with an accuracy of 1 cm, built-in speaker with volume adjustment and mute switch, adjustable mount for mounting on the top surface, fixing a mirror or at the top of the windshield.

System of the circular review is the evolution of the rear view camera not so long ago, these systems have appeared on the premium cars. The work is based on cameras placed around the car. The signal is processed by the control unit and displayed on the monitor of the multimedia system.

The driver can see the picture front, back, sides, and all-round visibility. Technologies develop very fast and now such a system can be installed in any vehicle. A familiar brand offers a comprehensive system of the circular review Gazer CKR4400 and ready whales under a specific model of cars.

Besides the basic mode of operation, the system executes the function 4-channel car recorder. Record from each camera is a separate channel in resolution (704×576) at 30 frames per second, and the video recording is carried out continuously with the function of cyclic overwrite.

A big plus of the circular review Gazer CKR4400 is the function of surveillance in a parked car. After the engine is turned off, the device stops recording and turns off. Once activated crash sensor (G-sensor), the system automatically turns on and produces the record a 30 seconds video, then turns off. The recorded file is automatically protected from removal under cyclic overwrite – delete the video manually.

Conservatives will say – need to feel dimensions of the car.

But why complicate your life if there is an option to simplify it.

Let’s start with the installation of a particular auxiliary Parking system. Sensors in this question is simpler and fits in any car. Sensors to hit directly into the bumper, they rushes the transaction to the control unit, and have him on the panel display. It turns out for reasonable money you get a ready to install system and don’t need anything else to buy.

As for the second participant of our review, it’s so simple, but only if your car already has a monitor of the multimedia system. System of the circular review are supplied without a monitor, this is worth knowing. Assume that the monitor is default, and the question is only to what to take? In the delivery systems of the circular review consists of 4 cameras and a control unit. Cameras placed around the perimeter of the car, in the mirrors, in front and in the back. The whole system is activated when reverse gear, or via the menu of the multimedia system.

The usability of these systems depends on the wishes of the owner. Someone enough Parking assist, someone needs to see all around, and someone is a believer and Parking “by sound”.

One thing you can say for sure – Parking sensors do not like winter, and mud. Icing and contamination on the sensors just drives them crazy and the system ceases to work properly, you must monitor them constantly clean. The camera is also not much pollution, but it threatens just a bad picture.

Thus we have two unpretentious, time-tested auxiliary Parking system. Sensors is good budget option. System of the circular review in part a craze, but raises your passive safety at a higher level. What is also important to Park with such a system will be as God:)

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