Tofaş Doğan vs. Lamborghini street race in Istanbul ft.  Dogan Kabak & Enes Batur

Tofaş Doğan vs. Lamborghini street race in Istanbul ft. Dogan Kabak & Enes Batur


This is my first visit to Istanbul Turkey, to check out their car scene. I drive the most iconic Turkish car – the Doğan Tofaş and meet with Car Youtuber Dogan Kabak and Youtube legend Enes Batur for a street race in Istanbul against the Lamborghini Gallardo.Special thanks to Bugra Akpinar for arranging it.Dogan – Enes – Bugra – Muhip (Translator) -Check Mercedes GTR Istanbul here: It was a great pleasure to meet you guys, hope to see you again. Cheers 🙋🏻‍♂️Follow me on:

conservative under here in Istanbul behind me is like an iconic Turkish car the dawn and this is probably like the most used car in Turkey they stopped producing it several years ago today it’s like an icon people love this car drive it yeah see how we go in the back there a few options you can actually there we go look you can actually hang your clothes dry them you know so it’s perfectly practical really Wow – I have so many things you can I took near mu sided job you know so or every different part of the car is that this is for the inside of the car oh my goodness so you love this car hey dude let folks leave it on the table serious eliminate that they did very well this is your baby listen baby engine wow I’ve never seen which one is better yeah why for the car Oh God sorry got that it’s in marijuana oh my goodness father and then the a what is this margit limited you mean the company okay LLC okay okay cool cool so turkish automotive factory this is the home he’s a big car youtuber here in Turkey loveth the best so make sure to check him out and yeah so he basically goes around and looks at all the best cars in Turkey hold on it door hun parties also dawn same yeah so this car is called Don and his name is Don and apparently the story is is that his father was a mechanic and he named his son after this car but apparently that is not the story but we’re gonna go with that anyway because it’s a cool the story Don also means Falcon Falcon yeah so you’re actually named after a falcon not a car so yeah Yani horrible indeed after a falcon will believe him he’s actually named after the coolest story be like NASA Apollo connected NASA they’re communicating with the aliens through this car apparently that’s why it’s so popular why is this car so processor contain some mantra proselytize about what well it’s the cheapest and most accessible cars that’s why it’s widely used because of that I don’t we all everyone has a story with this character okay cuz it was very biased in modern market he used to have the older model that the origin of fiat one okay your version some achieve it and he’s saying that old people will stop him on the road and tell them their stories with the car because either their grandfather owned one or their father owned one or their mom owned one okay cool so everyone has a connection to this car that’s really nice yeah Sean Tucker he likes inside me he’s going off Top Gear magazine in church and for the last 18 years he has been in the automotive press both on the chocolate especially there’s an interesting story of this car I by collectors video souvenir your bike out the miniature model by the Domo he was crossing the Baikal Lake in Siberia yeah with the car but not the water while ago some car yeah it’s being watched only 60,000 times on youthful so he’s crossing a frozen lake he went to Bosporus with this car he stayed on the Turkish trend with trending videos for a week wow that’s crazy all you need to do to be a top youtuber in Turkey inspired on and constantly do videos on the dawn you will rise to the top but that’s crazy okay cool so if this video doesn’t get 2 million I don’t know what’s wrong so four-cylinder 1.6 reader well this is crazy guys I’ve never seen someone look after their car this well I mean and I’m talking you know Ferrari Lamborghini owners I never see this many rags around performance of the stereo Dario has more power than the car this car is famous for having really good treble the stereo system they put in is worth around the same amount as the entire car look at that look at the rims the brake pad see what this guy miss Donna here it is and you see this whole house around it like this garage he built this garage or this house specifically for this car so it would have a house and a home how crazy I got here more boys it misses you right this is you and he has a poem he sleeps next to his car I mean this is next level this isn’t really next level and what does your Pomeranian thing a bit all right tinted windows ready yeah ready where I’ll go see me okay here we go okay here we go oh it’s got a fire extinguisher – okay so – whoa I want to hear it on here oh nice I check rice eggs open now what look at this so this is not an open close button for the car like an unlock lock button this is actually opening the exhaust and closing the exhausts so we’re just open it right open look oh this is close yeah right now open it turns the engine from a four-cylinder to 12-cylinder it goes from like you know 100 horsepower to 600 for all high-performance vehicles you’ll find a firing solution so I’m glad we got one of those this car is so close it’s I love it because people are so enthusiastic about this car it really represents the country and the people they all have a story around this car so I’m excited to drive it who wants to come go on our Viet and as he’s driving it NS and it’s my car is way cooler it’s way cooler let’s race men race dilemma salamanders they need to like all manual yeah okay manually do it okay no we’re ng that but this is I sitting this is the highest setting on the car oh my goodness by the way it’s 86 horsepower 86 yes damn I don’t know if I can handle that much I was about my last one heard about ten times more yeah I mean I’m well we’re driving the Aston Martin db5 today so we’ve gone from a v12 600 horse power 286 horsepower yes close it okay 20 seconds you have to pay extra yeah and says she cards Arkana chap this corpus should that’s it don’t be alarmed if it scrapes if you say yeah because it’s going okay alright here we go watch out watch out watch out whoa your hands come in baby that’s right your own jealous I know open the exhaust yeah I’ve been exhausted don’t you concur no it’s not hard though yeah she showed economy star it is great break is a little bit not working I can tell because we’re going downhill and it’s not really breaking so I already worked that one out 98 1998 model Coachella a server like over a concern when they finally put the power steering to the car as you know production they put it at the back saying power steering it’s like it’s like the SV version basically do you think you’ll be able to get out of first gear that’s does the indicator work oh it does lucky me the virtual super support ordinarily saves it could wonder how this video shot so you know knowing that you draw all the supercars in the world how do you feel about this guy do you know what I really like it because it’s an experience I mean when do you ever get to drive a car when the brakes aren’t working I mean this is this is special I took you down everyone yeah and when the oil light comes on every two seconds oh yeah wait wait look at look at these okay nice nice can you get out of first yeah I’ll try yeah here we go here we go here we go Oh John I’m coming for you if I think we need to rest for three days because of the teeth I’m about to pass out from the g-force to go into training you are very used to the Istanbul traffic yeah you have to attack the traffic with confidence all right Don how how do you feel with blonde girl driving in this car through Istanbul what what about the solution because yep peanuts tickets all of it I’m all choked you need all digits re sorry I didn’t see that there Oh one image so that it can be problematic sometimes because like there’s gonna be too much attention yeah I know yes yes oh is that but there’s a there’s a barrier for that these cars always have these black windows or like mirrored windows all the time so they are not gonna be able to see you good we go either side of the portholes that’s like the strategy I think just my God look at all these holes I’m good well Stacy wasn’t expecting you to drive as well I am right I know I’m I’m surprising myself losers go a couple shallow minute Capricia lumber right for a race against Gallardo yes I’m it’s a matter of opinion Supergirl Ani she will race you Gallardo against door I want to ok racing through Istanbul and who will win banjo kazooie Dolan or Gallardo lardo Elias Porter Gallardo Supergirl blondie Dohan will win okay alright okay one of your anus is okay to race Lamborghini against Oh on okay but because you’re driving I think you will win I think maybe he should get a head start two days later Oh okay how much does a car like this cost so in good condition it sounds twenty thousand church which is like $4,000 michellephan see three points you know you can negotiate for you only for me only okay perfect so I have $2.00 where is this on the cover they are a good negotiating it wasn’t the owner the doorman if you’re named Johan – that’s it I just drove the most iconic Turkish cars in and bullfight packing NS was in the Lamborghini he lost I won clearly well you know like this video give me a thumbs up right now I’ll hit that button subscribe to my channel and subscribe to his channel subscribe to photos channel subscribe guys on the next vlog love you so much we’re out

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