Together – more fun: VW ID.3 received a new version


Volkswagen has announced a 5-seater version of the ID.3 electric hatchback. The novelty, called Tour 5, boasts 82 kWh batteries.

Volkswagen has unveiled a new version of its ID.3 electric vehicle called the Tour 5, which now boasts a 5-seater cabin and 82 kWh batteries. It is worth noting that previously, the version of the electric hatchback, which had such a large battery, was only equipped with a 4-seater cabin.

When the German manufacturer first announced the ID.3 and its three battery options (48, 58 and 82 kWh), it turned out that only the first two would have a 5-seater cabin.

The version with the largest battery boasted only four seats (no panoramic roof option), reportedly due to weight restrictions.

This was not good news for an all-electric compact car, but now it seems that the problem has been somehow solved, since on the official website of the German automaker, the online configurator Volkswagen ID.3 gives you the choice of the Tour 5 version that is equipped with 5 -seater saloon and 82 kWh battery (net power is 77 kW – editor’s note).

We do not know exactly how this problem was solved (if the weight was originally a limitation) – it could be anything from using a battery with higher energy density cells to removing various heavier elements of the car.

According to the specification, the Tour 5 weighs 1,928 kg empty, which is less than the 4-seater version of the Tour, which weighs 1,934 kg. The total weight of an electric vehicle can reach 2,300 kg.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that there were details about the flagship electric car VW Project Trinity. According to the leaked data, the German brand’s flagship electric vehicle, currently known as Project Trinity, will not be shown until 2026. VW promises extremely short battery charging times as well as Level 4 autopilot.

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